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    I think theres 1 Merry and Pippin in the case. Still no sign on Series 3 yet.
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    Yup there's only ONE Merry & Pippin per case - just like Galadriel and PEW. I managed to find these at a Los Angeles KB Toys this week. I walked away with ONE Galadriel and TWO Prologue Elven Warriors (without capes.) WOW. These are great figures people!!!

    I tried to grab another PEW this mornng at another KB, but was beaten to the punch by two middle-aged women who gobbled up everything right before my eyes. Now I'm competing with THEM too??? Man this stuff is POPULAR!!!.

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    Wohoo! I scored Twilight Ringraith, Frodo w/ light up Sting and Helm's Deep Aragorn tonight at KB Toys. There was a bunch of repack Frodos and 1 Merry and Pippin set. No Prologue Elves or Galandriel though. These figures are awesome!
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    What does the Elf look like without the cape? I thought they all had capes.
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    I have a Prologue Elf and the Twilight Ringwraith on layaway and i wonder if mine has a cape or not. Not that i really care i just think he would look cool with it. The Aragorn does look more appealing every day though. LOTR and TMNT figures always seem to fly off the shelves so its exciting being able to find new toys.
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    OK, this cape thing is definitely getting wierd. I did a little homework and found a picture of one WITH his cape.

    Then I looked at mine and noticed that NEITHER of them have capes. Is this an error or a variation? And does it have anything to do with distribution territories? From what I've seen, most of the PEW w/ capes are showing up in Europe, and the PEW w/out capes are popping up in the States. I'm confused.

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    It is something I would call a variation. The figures vary between one another, and I think it was a conscious decision of the company to put capes on some and not on others. Capes aren't really something you just forget, not in large quantities such as this, anyway.
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    I scored an entire set of series 3 at wally world!!! I was sooooo giddy!!! I nearly dropped toys on some kid going through the pegs. (No, i caught them and then calmed down...hehehehe)

    I must've gotten there minutes after they put them out or something. They had most of the figures on the pegs, but Galadriel and Prolog Elf were high up on the top shelf. So, i used my awesome jumping skills (aka: stood on the bottom shelf and jumped up until i hit them down). I took a glance and my prolog elf has a cape, which i'm happy about, cause i think they look better with it. These figures look AWESOME.
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    Damn it! Am I the only one without them!?
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    Where is there a good site to find pictures of LotRs figures? I've gone through a few that were mentioned in this thread... But I haven't found a site that has a good comprehensive listing like good ol' SSG does for SW.
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