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    they say series 3 and 4 two towers figures are coming out mid march...can you tell which new LOTR figures are coming out? Gollum perhaps?

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    Greyfolk, the wave 3 is:
    Aragorn- Helms deep
    Frodo w/ sting
    Prolog Elf
    Merry & Pippin
    Twilight Ringwraith

    Gollum i believe is in wave 4, which includes:
    Mordor Sam
    Helms Deep Legolas
    King Theoden in Armor
    Twilight Frodo

    Edit: nearly forgot: wave 3 is out now along with wave 5 (army builders pretty much) wave 4 is due out April/May area i believe, but some places aren't getting it till July.

    I believe wave 4 also has the reissue of Bormor and Gimli, but i might be wrong.
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    Yes wave four does include the reiusse of Gimili but the Boromir, I believe, has been cancelled.

    And Kaybee is the only ones getting wave 3 right now. TRU is not due to receive it until mid-march. I have no idea about Target though. I would guess a little after TRU, as that has been my experiance.
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    Well, out here in L.A. they've been spotted at Walmart too. But sadly, our Targets have put any remaining items on Clearance. That's not a good sign. But KB's are getting them everywhere, and several cases at a time too. I managed to find a Traveling Bilbo this morning in a series 2 repack. Who needs a Prologue Elven Warrior? I do, I do!!!

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    sadly, our Targets have put any remaining items on Clearance. That's not a good sign.
    That depends on how you view that. In Nj I started buying all the LOTR figures when they were put on clearance. A few short months later the TT figures started to show up, but not at Target. It wasn't until several more months later that Target started getting TT figures. So it might just be a matter of time before Target gets the next few waves. Since most Targets are sold out of their TT figures, I wouldn't think they would stop selling them if that's what your worried about.


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    hey, crunchynug, i too need anything from series 3...i've been too late at all the local kb's. and people on claiming that they're going to buy up every prologue elf and galadriel in the l.a. area certainly doesn't help things!
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    That really sucks.... I only want one Galadriel, and one each Prologue Elf (cape & no cape).

    I could understand wanting an army of elves, but why anyone would even want more than one Galadriel is beyond me.... What's wrong with these people anyway ? ?

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    They're thieves. Pure and simple. Taking from the ones that WANT the figures just to line their pockets with lucre. Get out there and beat them to it, I guess. We haven't received any wave 3 figures up here near the north pole yet, but then my store is currently sitting on about 10 Grimas that have not yet sold. I hope they'll keep getting new stock, I really want that Ringwraith!

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    I was lucky enough to get a Galadriel last week but since then i have yet to find any new figures. I hope the army builders come in soon and now that i think more about it wouldnt mind a prologue elf with cape and without. On the link that darth sidious posted did anybody else read about how Toybiz was going to cancel the production of an orc figure? I hope they dont because another orc would be a welcome addition plus the only TWO TOWERS figure that pegwarms is King Theoden. One last question, is the armored King Theoden the same one that will be released in the five pack with the exclusive Haldir figure?
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