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    I believe the Armored Theoden is the version coming in the 5-pack w/ Haldir.

    The only LOTR pegwarmer in my area is Gandalf the White and the 2-packs w/ Merry and Pippin. I wish Theoden was a pegwarmer.
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    Actually, I think the single card Armored Theoden comes with a helmet (not sure if it's removable), and the 5 pack version looks like he has no helmet (and it looks like one wouldn't fit because of the way the hairs sculpted).

    I could be wrong though!

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    I think you are wrong. I'm pretty sure that both the carded and the boxed versions will come with helmet.

    I'm in the UK and saw 4 Galadriels at retails today. She is just as shortpacked here as in the US.

    BTW, here's a carded pic of Theoden:

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    Damn that man looks chubby in his armor.
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    Wouldn't you be if you were King? I know I would. My throne would need an extension.
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    Here's a pic of the Helms Deep 5-pack:

    Theoden is actually holding his helmet, so it looks like he will come with one for sure.
    Am I right in thinking Gimli has lost his cloak?
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    Oh wow, I didn't notice that before. Looks like it is the exact same thing as the carded one. That's great news to me, now I know not to buy the single one. The Gimli cloak thing doesn't surprise me, it'll make people still want to buy the two pack or single card versions

    I notice Gimli's helmet is on the ground in front of him. Wonder if it will be like that in the actual package?

    Thanks for clearing up the Theoden helmet deal!

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    Thanks for posting the link Kadamontaga. Now i will just wait on the aragorn and king theoden helms deep versions.
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    Sweet Link, gracias Kadamontaga!!!

    I just don't know if i'll buy both that 5 pack and be a nerd completist and buy them all carded too. Why can't TB just release Halidir by himself?!?!?? Which you know they'll do eventually!!! grrrrrrrr!! Time to donate that extra kidney.
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