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    YES!!!!!! I got a Prologue Elf at WM today...With cape! It is bloody awesome. All of its weapons and armor are incredible, although his sword is a tad bendy. The detail of this figure is beautiful, as is the gold paint. I wish everyone else luck in finding this figure, because it is incredible.
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    I can't tell for sure, but I think that Legolas in the 5-Pack is the super-skateboarding action one. Differant hair and cape. I think.
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    yes!!! i got only helm's deep aragorn today
    series 3 had better turn up at TRU and Target soon.
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    I picked up Grima Wormtonge, Theoden and Eomer today at Wal-Mart. I missed my chance to get them earlier but a box was put out today. Wohoo!
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    Jayspawn, maybe you can tell what the hell that blue spike thing that comes with Grima is. I can't tell for the life of me, and I threw out the box, so I don't know if it says it on there.
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    Hey Xizor, I remeber thinking the same thing when I bought it. I don't think the box said anything. Guess it's just some sort of akward weapon.

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    I wonder myself, though I haven't bought this figure.

    Any one have any luck finding Riders of Rohan from that Eomer/Grima wave? It seems like none came here at all, even though we've had at least 3 cases of that assortment.

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    I have not been able to figure out what that blue-cone looking thing is that Wormtonge comes with. I can't only guess that its some kind of knife. It doesn't say on the box what it's supposed to be.
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    I found my rohan soldier awhile ago. I last seen one on Saturday but in all honesty ive seen more Legolases than him. Yesterday i was able to get another prologue elf at walmart. I think its the capeless version. I agree the blue thing Grima has is a knife of some sort.
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    I wonder what the concept behind making the builders short packed is? Odd.


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