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    I think Series 3 has shown up at KB and Wal-Mart so far. I hope they arrive alsewhere soon, it's a great wave.
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    I saw the remnants of Series 3 at a Los Angeles TRU today. There were only a few Aragorn and Frodo w/ light-up Sting figures left. Start checking your local TRU's now too.

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    Got my HD Aragorn today, and he is great, despite the slightly inaccurate likeness. His Elven Dagger is included, which I was extremely grateful for. I have him in a truly awesome pose right now, I'll post it later if anyone wants to see.
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    Yeah, show us please! Mine is posed in a ok position, I'd love to see what you've done!

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    Well it is actually a rather simple pose, but I still think it looks pretty cool.
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    Looking good Darth Sidious. I hadn't thought of that pose before

    I like to have mine with his sword sheathed, right-hand gripping the hilt and left hand resting on the scabbard.
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    I tried your pose, and I really like it! I am still keeping him in this pose however, I always like as many weapons drawn as possible.
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    That Aragorn looks much, much better. Good job again, Toy Biz!

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    Yes, doesn't he though? No weird gapped teeth, no sad droopy eyes, no FREAKING SHOULDER THAT COMES OUT OF HIS SIDE . And the gimmick really could be much worse. It does limit posability though, I could do so many more poses with him (I. e. holding his sword in front of himself to intimidate enemies) if there was no gimmick. Oh well, I really have no room to complain about a great figure like this. I like the chainmail, I am in love with the Elven Dagger, and lucky me! Although the sword is bendy, mine is extremely straight. Keep making figures like this, Toybiz, and you will keep your customers.

    EDIT: Also, although people on some Forums complain about his likeness, and even though I DID say it was slightly inaccurate, I still really think it is pretty damned good. One of the best Aragorn/Strider faces to date if you ask me.
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