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    I open up ALL my Lord of the RIngs figures and display them. They look neat in the package but look better accessorized and posed with eachother.
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    I am definitely an opener. See how much fun you can have with your figures OUT OF THE PACKAGE...

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    Here's some more. BEHOLD THE FREE WARRIORS...

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    Stinking CrunchyNug, youve got quite a collection. Both those pictures look awesome. Im thinking (thanks for the advice) that i will open them up over the weekend. I recently saw traveling Bilbo on a TT card at kaybee and was just wondering if anybody knew what wave he comes in. I wanted to get him but he was 9 bucks and id hate to see him at walmart for 7 a few days later. With those two dollars i would save i could buy yummy walmart doughnuts.
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    Man o man Crunchy, you scored the lot of Prolog Elves!! and two legolases?!!?! I don't remember two of him in the movie, that's sooooooooooooooo inaccurate!

    Great pics though, i truly enjoyed them.

    Kool Aid- I don't think Bilbo has an official wave, he's just kinda tossed around..i would HIGHLY recommend you get him if you see him again, he's a tough find. cheers!
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    Sooo CrunchyNug is the reason I can't find 1 Prologue Elf!!! Just kidding. Hopefully I'll find one sometime.
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    Got a Ringwraith with Horse today, and it is definitely one of my favorites. They just get better and better...
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    Crunchy - those pics are amazing. Well done! I hope wave 3 shows up here soon (man that sounds PATHETIC!!!!!).


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    Awesome stuff 'nug!

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    Where on Earth did you find all those Prologue Elf's?
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