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    The Glamdring is my favorite LOTR sword. It's the coolest and it's Gandalfs!
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    I stand corrected. According to Toybiz, Gimli will start showing up in Wave 4 assortments. Argh!!! Here is the article:

    Enough with the re-packs.
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    Does anybody(hint hint crunchynug) have a b k uruk hai that they would be willing to sell me for $30 or so? I'll be your friend.
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    Darth Sidious - To answer your question from way back. I post at as well. I am Radagast there.
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    Note to the packaged collectors: Today I found a two pack containing a Berzerker Uruk Hai and the Prologue Elven Archer. I bought the box to get the archer, as I haven't found him elsewise (is that even a word?). The package is perfect, the Elf has a cape.

    If anyone is seeking this piece, please let me know as my plan is to open it. I would be happy to help someone out by trading it for two figures, as long as one is the Elven Archer.

    PM me or post a reply here if you're looking for this item, and we can swing something!

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    Open that thing up jjreason! Those are great figures. BTW, all Elvyn Archers have capes. It's some of the Prologue Elves that don't.
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    Thanks for that Jayspawn, I didn't realize there was an Elven Archer AND a prologue Elf!!!!! I already had the Berzerker Uruk Hai, which wave was the Archer from????

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    The Archer was never released individually... I wish he was though! I have a Berserker already...Well, I guess I'll just have to get another one, if I ever find that damned 2-pack!
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    Good marketing strategy I guess. I wished I'd have waited on the Uruk Hai. The least they could have done was make one of them bloody like the one on the pkg, or change the pattern of the hands or something. The Elf is just wicked, though. Too bad you'd have to pay so much to get a platoon of them for a diorama, the 2 packs are 25 bucks up here!


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    Well, here's your chance boys & girls - The Outer Reaches has SOLID cases of Prologue Elven Warriors available for order immediately. And yes you can get just one if you want. Check it out -


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