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    Nice pic! I might try to pick up a couple of extras for trading from my comic store (still cheaper for me than getting them from TOR when you figure in the stupid shipping chgs). There are quite a few figures I'd like to get from this line, and these seem like they're still good trade bait.

    And thanks for your insight, KAK! I was just joking about Faramir, who seems weaker to me than mighty Boromir. IF I had to pick one to card alone, I'd pick Boromir! I guess packaging him with an archer like the one who killed him adds poignance and melancholy to the piece.......

    SO.....the Gimli shown on the back of the package to HD Legolas (I think there's one on there isn't there?) has been cancelled as a single carded figure and will only be available in the HD boxed set, if I catch the drift. I guess the HD set will be the equivalent to the deluxe boxed set from the first movie? Man, trying to learn a whole new line is tough work!

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    yes!! hd set & they will also have a there and back again hobbit set!

    The tb line is pretty small! not alot of figs and waves! IF theres any other ques post em and im sure therell be someone to answer you ques!

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    Heck, I still don't really KNOW the line.....but I sure do love it! I am still working on geting 9 Ringwraiths. That and Elrond which is going for MORE on ebay now, and Galadriel.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    God, Elrond really opens up a can of worms. I love the character and really want that figure, but 50 bucks US is too much. I searched ebay last pm, and there was only one available. Looking at the picure, I didn't like it as much as the one they show on the ToyBiz site anyway. Maybe they'll make another one with the scanning technology.

    Have any of you had a good look at the 3" scale stuff from ArtAsylum? I was checking the clearance at KB, they're offering a special Gollum and Goblin 3 pack for those who preorder 40 bucks worth of the 3" line. They look so amazingly detailed, just beautiful. I drooled over the Balrog / Kazad-Dun playset for like 10 minutes. Looks like there's going to be quite a large amount of that line shipping this summer - too expensive to get involved in but perfect for older guys like me who display more than they play. That Gollum may be worth something down the road if they don't issue him at main release. Also of note, they're offering ObiWan/Jedi FIghter for 5 bucks, numerous Saga figs for 2 bucks, and they're clearing out video games too. Very tempting.

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    Well, it was a great week for me for Elves. I found a new case of 2-packs at my neighborhood KB in Los Angeles this morning. I couldn't help but take the Archers home with me. My army grows stronger even yet...
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    Wowee Zowee. With your latest installment of PEW's they'll be formidable indeed! Just out of curiosity, what's the count up to???

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    Here's an older pic of my Elves. You can now add 4 more PEW's and 3 more Archers to the ranks. There's 2 Legolas in there and, of course, Elrond. I cannot wait for Haldir!!!
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    sweet pic crunchy!! Alotta elves there!

    who are they fighting?? do you have an army worthy of mordor on the other side?

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    Dayyyyyyyyyyyyamn! That is sweet.

    I picked up the 9 figure set today, on sale at WalMart (weird so long after the fact, but they had a dozen just out on the shelf?). Not having any figures of the fellowship beside Legolas, I figured might as well let her rip. Since I wanted Boromir, Gandalf the Grey and Gimli anyway (and they would have cost me more than this set to buy) I figured I got a deal.

    Now, can anyone tell me if all of these figures are repacks from the originial FOTR single carded ones, or are they unique? A combination? Odd, how on the Toy Biz site it remarks this set includes realistic cloth capes, yet my figures are all in the finest molded plastic. Any input on this as well? Was cloth the original way this set came out?

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    Hey JJ,
    I think the only unique fig in that set is the Gandalf, and that's only because of his cloth cape (wich looks much better than the plastic one IMO).

    It's a nice looking boxed set, that's for sure!


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