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    Yep, that's odd then. My Gandalf has the molded plastic cape, same as the other figures. They must have made a running change. I do quite like the Gandalf though, he looks great. It took me some looking to find one with the paint not banged off his pointy nose, though. Not sure why, but the majority of the sets had Gandalf looking pretty dark on the end of his schnoz.

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    whoa!! ur wlamart still had these? where u located at? would you be able to pick up one more?

    The cloth capes was in the beg run of this but it was way to costly for TB so they decided to just put the reg plastic capes!

    There are no unique figs in the set all are repacks from the single carded figs! The unique thing was the cloth capes!

    a really really unique thing was at the very very end run they repacked lurtz instead of aragorn and GTwhite not GTgrey! check the pic! I guess they ran out adn didnt want to produce more of these figs or were lazy or was an error! who knows!
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    Is that a confirmed Toybiz change? Or did someone just open the box, and trade GTW for GTG and Strider for Lurtz? That seems very likely, as the two missing figures are much more "valuable"

    But reason, how much are those 9-packs? I really wanted to get one of those.
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    LIMP- No, there are more of the sets that have things shaken up a bit. It most likely is a Toybiz confirmed change, then again, there is the possibility of a nationwide conspiracy featuring a bunch of hooligans whose main purpose is to shake up the LOTR 9 pack.

    They are somewhat rare now, but some random wally worlds still have them. KBToys has them on pre-order, as they get them in sporadically.

    If you resort to the e-bay, you wll pay an arm and a leg. Good luck!
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    50 bucks Cdn (49.92 or whatever) plus taxes had it come out 57 and change. I guess that's around 40 bucks to you southerners.

    If there was a conspiracy, it was well executed. Every pack was molded cape Gandalf, and he fits perfectly into his clear tray space. Someone would have had to do quite a bit of work......

    The Aragorn isn't super, but I like his face better than the two TTT versions I've had the option of getting. I don't understand why they can get Legolas so close, yet Aragorn is just pitiful. Hopefully ROTK will produce for us the ultimate Aragorn figure.

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    Anyone besides me really like the Gandalf with Shadowfax box set? Also, in a toy magazine they posted the ROTK figures for the fall of 2003!!!
    Asst 1--witchking ringwraith, frodo, samwise gamgee
    Asst 2--Gollum, Aragorn, Eowyn, Gandalf the White
    Asst 3--Treebeard (8 inch), Eowyn, Gollum (smeagol)
    Asst 4--Pippin, King Theoden, Legolas
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    I wonder if theyll all be new sculpts or if some will be repacks?

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    and dont worry!! there is def going be more then 4 figs per wave!! They just couldnt put what figs due to spoilers!

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    Speculation anyone? Shall we see a Shelob large sized figure or playset?

    I would still love to see Prologue Isildur or Prologue Elrond, I guess the time has long since come and gone for those. Pity.

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    No doubt JJ, those prologue figures WOULD be sweet. But I think your right, it's probably too late for those...

    I could see a Shelob! If the could make a treebeard they could definitly do a Shelob, I know I would buy one!


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