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    Jpak- according to rumors, Toybiz is working/has worked on fixing that curse'd mask rubber problem. I guess there were A LOT of complaints, not only from consumers, but managers who had these bad boys sitting on their shelves cause the faces were ripped off. they're good to go.
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    its not goin matter either way because these new trolls will be in a windowed box!! A main reason for the face rot on the reg cave trolls was the open box!

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    Another thing that I'll admire in the store and never buy. No room in this house for displaying anything that size that ain't Star Wars. Good picture though, thanks Jargo.

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    The repackaged in red window box FOTR cave troll won't have that problem either. I just bought it today and it's all nicely tucked away inside. Needless to say I've opened him up so i can play with him and living here in humid britain rubber rot isn't much of a problem.
    I also bought the fantastic treebeard. I wasn't going to but I picked it up and copuldn't resist the temptation. I planned on buying Sauron but plumped for old Treebeard instead and I'm so glad I did now I have him standing on my desk next to me.
    I'm a relative latecomer to the LOTR figures and I've ordered up the nine figure fellowship set. I'm not going to collect them all but just a few nice items. I started in with Gollum which is a bit disappointing when you open the package and hold him in your hands. I mean a figure so small and he cost me half what the troll did.
    I'm just trying to get hold of a prologue Bilbo, Sauron and maybe a ringwraith with horse. I'm hoping that a single packed Arwen will be released. Not really into the horses much. But the ringwraiths horse looks so damn cool i just have to own that.
    I'm pretty cheesed off now looking through Toybiz's site and spotting the Orc warrior that i completely missed when it was out. That's a very cool figure. The Moria Orc just doesn't have the same appeal for me.
    Oh well, I always late to parties but now I'm here...

    And the slave troll will definately be coming home to Jargo's pad even if I have no space at all to put these things. Maybe i'll clear away some star wars stuff for them. *gasp*
    The only thing I see missing from the whole two movies line up of figures is the dwarf kings. More dwarves would be so frickin' cool!

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    Sweet! I'm very happy that the Slave Troll won't have the rubber face, thanks for the heads up JMG!

    Jargo, you made a great choice with Treebeard, That's the best LOTR toy produced yet IMO. I love my Sauron figure, and when they both came out I did want the Sauron much more. But now that I have them side by side, Treebeard is just more impressive to me..... Especially with Merry & Pippen sitting on his top branchs. It seems as though he's the overlooked gem of the line (mainly b/c of his price-tag). It'd be cool to see more Ents in that scale, but we know that'll never happen.

    Who knows, mabye they'll re-release the Orc Warrior someday too. I know ToyBiz could make lot's more $$$ If they were to re-release him and the Elrond figure.

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    Well my red packaged FOTR troll came in a completely sealed window box so no kids could maul the rubber face. Perhaps for the new troll they'll stick with real feel skin and continue to do the sealed boxes?

    My other half came home today with a nice surprise for me - the ringwraith and horse and the Ugluk Pippin 2-pack. Now the ringwraith and horse was something I was pretty keen to own. So that is just a fantastic prezzie. Looks so darn cool too. Pippin and Ugluk wasn't on my high priority list but having opened them up I love Ugluk. Have to try and track down Merry and Grishnak and the other Uruk Hai now.
    My list of wants is getting ever longer and I fear that LOTR will soon overtake my star wars collecting. I don't have the faintest clue where'll I'll put any of this but the other half is well happy with treebeard living on the PC desk so perhaps LOTR will creep into the rest of the house and I won't have to try to cram it into the star wars room.

    I'm so easily lead astray. It was JJ Reason who convinced me to buy the FOTR DVD and so he's to blame for my new obsession. Thanks JJ

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    EJ, sounds like you are in the beginning stages of what I experienced after seeing TTT. I just never really thought about the figures until then. But now I have almost all of them, and I look for LOTR figs before SW. In fact, I definately prefer them right now.

    Have any Elrond figs over there in jolly old England by chance???
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    I haven't seen any in my trips out hunting. My two local TRU's don't stock a lot of stuff at any one time and it's now mostly pegwarmers like Grima Wormtongue, Gandalf the white and Saruman, grimace faced Aragorns, Theoden and Eomer. No army builders and no decent characters anywhere that I've looked.

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    Collecting these guys does become an obssesion after you get your first one. I only need three more (a fourth i wouldnt mind but wont lose sleep over him, at least not yet) to fill out my wants so far but i eagerly await for the ROTK figures to come out. If it werent for LOTR figures i dont know what i would have done because i havent found many new Star Wars figures.
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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    It was JJ Reason who convinced me to buy the FOTR DVD and so he's to blame for my new obsession. Thanks JJ

    S'aright. Orange you glad I tried to convince you?

    BIG PROPS TO KOOL-AID KILLER WHO HOOKED ME UP WITH THE TOUGH TO FIND ROHAN SOLDIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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