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    Yup, I sure am glad. Now I have something else to bug the other half with Already sick of hearing about prologue Bilbo. However, the other half does seem more taken with LOTR than SW. Which is good.

    I was over at green dragon and checking out the prototype balrog which is just awesome beyond belief. How they could think this thing wouldn't sell is beyond me. It's no bigger than Treebeard all told and it's kickazz! Treebeard is fantastic in his own right but the balrog is something else. In a category of cool all on it's own. They just have to produce this. They're idiots if they don't. But then again we've been saying that about hasbroken for centuries so........

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    EJ, has the Bilbo in stock, and when I ordered mine, it was even in the FOTR packaging.

    I don't know if they deliver to ENgland or not.

    But here's the link.
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    Just checked, unfortunately they don't do international shipping but i'm sure Toy Palace in Germany might get them back in stock so I'll keep looking there. Thanks for the thought anyway.

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    That stinks Jargo. Do you have any Galadriels anywhere around? If so, perhaps I can order a Bilbo for you and make a trade.
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    I did see about two or three last time I was in TRU. Betcha bottom dollar they won't be there next time I check though. Actually the ones I saw had iffy paint jobs, there was some dirty brown paint splotches on her arms around the mold seals. That kinda sucks. I noticed the same dirty coloration on Gandalf deluxe and Frodo with light up Sting. But if they had Galadriel there then they have more.

    I'll have a look next time I go to TRU. Can't promise anything just now though but i'm planning a trip in the next couple of days once the public bank holiday is over and everything gets back to normal. Can't stand going to TRU when there's hordes of kids there.

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    Yeah, Toys 'R Us would be great if it wasn't for all those kids!

    I am not too much a stickler for paint jobs, as long as it isn't "too" bad, ora problem with the face. Let me know if you find one, I'll be happy to oblige, as I'll just trade you mine, and order another for me. I can't find Galadriel anywhere.
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    I picked up a Galadriel and a PEW at Wal-Mart today. They have been keeping their overflow shelf quite well stocked lately. There have been lots of Rohirrim Soldiers, HD Aragorns, Green-Eyed Eomers, King Theodens, The Merry/Pippin two-pack...

    I didn't need the PEW or Galadriel thanks to fellow forumite kool-aid killer (thanks again). But I am short of a few others and a few variations that I hope to score by trading them. I was surprised to see the amount of stock they had.

    And they seem to be moving pretty well for the most part as I have been looking in on them 2 or 3 times a week and the stock is changing noticeably whilee maintaining a fairly constant number of figures which seems to be about 50 or so between the shelf and pegs.
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    Well, I don't have anything but cash to trade, but i would be happy to take a Galadriel and Prologue Elf off of your hands
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    Green eyed Eomer ??? Oh man, I have a feeling that there are quite a few more variations than I was even aware of.....

    Anyone know of a listing of LOTR variations ? That would be sweet!

    btw: I found a FOTR Frodo (in the green package) today at KB on clearance for 5.99. Looks like they're getting in, and clearing out old stock. You might want to check your local KB if your looking for older stuff

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    Well, I went and looked and hunted and there were no Galadriels. Not even a mashed up one. If you wanted Theoden or Eomer or Wormtongue there's plenty to go round the whole world, but sadly no Galadriels. Sorry man, I tried. I'll have another look in a couple of days when I next venture forth on the toy run. But you're probably better trading with someone in the states because it'll work out cheaper in the long run.

    I did however get myself the merry and Grishnak 2-pack and Sam in Mordor. Grishnak is well wicked! Sam is cool but his rock is rubbish. How fast does Sam climb in the movie because this toy has him faster than Spiderman. Hit the button and he just flys straight up until he slams into the rock! And the rock is all rubbery and sort of a skin over a harder thing underneath. Not at all as good as Gollums rock. Nice figure of Sam though. Merry is alright too apart from not being able to stand up unaided. And having the wrong color hair.

    Toy Palace have got travelling Bilbo back in so I snapped an order off sharp as one of Legolas's arrow volleys. I also ordered Gimli and Uruk-Hai 2-pack, Orc overseer w/ newborn Uruk and Orc warrior.
    The other half is going to go ballistic with me for spending more money.

    Ah well, it'll keep me out of mischief if I can't afford to go wandering. But I am keen to track down a nice little Frodo Hobbit... Nah, I'll wait.
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