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    jpak..its weird a bunch around the country have gotten these FOTR figs!! i got a bunch at my local kb but the date stamp reads 06603 or 07503 on mine and that means there were produced in 03!! so i dunno if these are old figs or rehashes...most likely rehashes..but why?

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    Well, they don't seem to be coming here other than the 9 pack. If anyone runs into a Witch King Ringwraith, I'd be ever grateful, and willing to pay all expenses to have him in my collection. The only other FOTR figure I was hoping to find was Elrond, but wishing for that is near pointless I now realize. Oh well, the figure isn't as good as I'd once thought based on seeing him on ebay. Maybe someday......

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    its not worth the price its goin for on ebay! just wait u never know they might repack it!

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    jjreason, has the witchking ringwraith figure in stock right now.

    I just ordered the fellowship 9 pack from them this evening. They actually took Galadriel off the site now...
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    Hey, over the last couple days I've found more of these FOTR figs @KB for $5.99:

    Witchking Ringwraith
    Strider (1st version w/cloak & torch)
    Orc Overseer

    I actually already have all the FOTR figures, but they sat in a box for a while & most of the weapons & accessories have warped or mysteriously dissapeared. Figure now's probably the last chance to get them this cheap Surprised I haven't seen more Newborn Lurtz's clogging the shelves, those were major pegwarmers the 1st time around... Now if only those FOTR two packs would show up on clearance....

    Hey Brainiak, where do you find the date code? I cant find it on the packaging, is it on the actual figures?

    jjreason, I'll keep an eye out for another Witchking for ya!

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    I did manage to find the Sam/Frodo/boat FOTR 2-pack on sale for 5.99 at TRU a few months ago.

    Other than finding Bilbo on, I haven't seen any. Perhaps Elronds will start flooding the shelves soon. A guy at KB said he would call me if they got more Galadriels or PEW, but I won't hold my breath.
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    If that wave hits KB, there should be plenty of Elronds & Orc Warriors to go around! Hopefully that will happen, I could use a few more Orc Warriors for customizing...

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    Woohoo! Got me a Sauron today. Great figure and I just love that "I seee yoooou!"
    Got me a second Ringwraith and steed too which is cool.
    No Galadriels at all in the store. Thousands and thousands of Gollums though.
    Seems the UK may not be getting the Moria Orc for some reason or indeed Europe as far as I can tell. Bummer. I'm sure i'll find it somewhere though. Only want a couple to lead my troll around. Lovely looking little beggars they are.
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    the date stamp jpak is obn the back of the box on towards the top or bottom! its stamped put it in the light and kinda tilt it!

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    Ohh ok, I'll check it out when I get home. Thanks man!


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