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    hey all,

    I'm totally lotr illiterate but I saw this huge figure 8(9) pack at my local wmart here in Canada for $50 Can (about 40US once you add the sales tax). if anyone needs a hook-up lmk.

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    i would but how much is shipping to CA?

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    That would be the Fellowship nine pack deluxe gift set w/ middle earth map. Very cool set. See two weeks a LOTR collector and already I'm sounding like I know it all.
    I've ordered mine from a specialist retailer so I don't need one but it is worth getting as are the other boxed sets. 'Helms deep' five pack gift set and the Hobbits 'There and back again' five pack gift set with Bilbo's book. I presume the book is a copy of the movie prop? Anyone know about that? If it is then that really would be worth buying.

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    I ordered the 9 pack from Amazon the other day. Should be arriving any day now....
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    I went to KB Toys today and got a hell of a haul of FotR stuff! (They also had Orc Overseer, Newborn Lurtz (Of course), Merry/Pippin, Gimli, Sam, and Legolas. A picture's worth a thousand words I suppose, so here's a pic of my haul (Before I opened it)!
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    Does anybody have a link or a pic of that "There and Back again" set, cause i haven't seen/heard anything about it. Any help would be hot. Thanks!
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    Here it is. Looks lush don't it? Of course these might not be the actual figures in the set but the concept is there and it looks fab.

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    ARGH SIDIOUS DAMN YOU! That's the exact frodo I want. Well that and the Elven boat one. I plan on merging the two to get a perfect Frodo. I bought the one with light up Sting and very disappointing it is too. Nice face sculpt but the figure just doesn't do it for me. I prefer Frodo wearing his jacket. So I'll take the Frodo head and jacket body from the one you bought and shove them on the Elven boat Frodo.
    I haven't found any LOTR on clearance because it's all pretty hot property over here by all accounts. Apart from gollum it seems....

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    Brainiak76 - I took a dimmension guess of 15x12x9 and Canada Post estimated $12/13US.

    if anyone can offer up an accurate size I'll do it again to try and get a closer shipping estimate,

    or if you've got any trading fodder, pm me and maybe we can work a deal.
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    Jargo-Good luck finding one, they're pretty cool. I'd like to see the perfect Frodo custom, too. Hey, I don't know when I get back to the mall but the next time I do, would you like me to look for a Frodo for you? I can't make any guarantees, only about 2 were there...If I find it I'd charge you retail price plus shipping...if you want.
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