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    One of my local Los Angeles KB's got 3 cases of FOTR figs over the weekend. I was surprised to find so many characters re-released. I couldn't help but grab a few that I had passed on over a year ago. I'm an opener, but seeing these guys made me want to get a few to keep packaged. At $5.99, I just couldn't resist. I saw a mix of Series 1 and 2. Here's what I bought -

    Witch King Ringwraith

    They also had -

    Orc Overseer

    That's just about everyone from those waves minus Lurtz. I hope we get to see some Series 3. Who couldn't use another Elrond!!!

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    Today i recieved my shipment from Toy Palce of the Gimli Uruk-Hai 2-pack, Travelling Bilbo, Orc warrior and Orc overseer.
    Bilbo is just great but he has problems holding his staff. Gimli and the Uruk are really nice especially Gimli. Orc warrior is reasonable but his action feature leaves not a lot of room for posing. Orc overseer is reasonable too but not the best figure in the series by a long shot. The newborn Uruk is a bit small and his birth action feature has scraped some of the red goo paintwork off him which is annoying. But I'm very happy with my purchases all told
    Toybiz definately need to make more Orcs though.

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    Yes, more orcs please! Another Ringwraith sculpt would be nice too!

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    There's a Witchking in armour figure coming in the fall. I guess that'll be the armour they wear under the black robes with some sort of new helmet. A little like Sauron's with the crown prongs on top. Possibly, what do I know, I'm a novice Tolkien fan.
    They should also make the Burger King exclusive Uruk available again, or something very similar with that helmet. Uruks and Orcs all the way!

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    Yes, that is weird that they created such a small # of those. I would imagine they'd be able to churn out a few more if they figured the money would be there.......

    I think they should sculpt a new body for that exclusive head, wasn't the BK one just Lurtz with a different head? I can never keep this stuff straight....

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    Probably. But considering the movie made such a meal of the Uruks wearing those helmets it seems weird that one with that wouldn't make it to regular retail. TB showed the Uruk from the Gimli 2-pack wearing it in promo shots but obviously decided against it.
    It looks like we'll be getting the Uruk bowman this fall/winter too and he has a really nice medieval looking helmet but the leather one from FOTR was cooler IMO, more threatening.

    The other half is getting worried about how many of these figures I'm buying and how much room they take up. Looks like I'll have to buy a dedicated shelving unit for them now. There just isn't anywhere in the house for them. I have mine crammed all over the PC station but pretty soon there'll be no space left. I just love these toys so much more now than my star wars stuff. Could be a passing phase I guess, born of boredom and frustration. Thank god there aren't millions of LOTR figures to collect.

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    Yeah, That BK exclusive was just the Lurtz with a different head.

    It's a great looking figure, but they cheezed out and didn't give him any weapons....... just the removeable helmet (wich is very cool BTW).

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    Got my Fwlloship 9-pack from amazon in the mail today!

    Very, very nice piece. I open everything....but I "might" leave this sealed. Looks very pretty. I didn't have the Gandalf, Strider, Merry, Pippin, or Legolas.

    Now Galadriel, Elrond, Arwen, and Prologue Elf are the only ones I need.
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    I have access to numerous PEW, Lando. Let me know if you'd like to make a trade. Im currently interested in a Witch King Ringwraith, Gondorian Ranger, and Easterling Soldier, Legolas from TTT wave 1 (not HD), Gandalf the White, you name it - I need many different figures.

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    Well, of all the ones you listed, I am SURE I can find a Gandalf the White. I'll be happy to pick one up to trade if you wish.
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