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    Lubing up the probe - it's business time.
    Okee Dokee, I'll grab an extra PEW tomorrow when I get my comics. My first choice would be the wraith, but any of those figures above Im still looking for. PM me when you can with your address and we'll get the wheels in motion.

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    OK, I can pick up a Gandalf while out tomorrow, but if I see any of the others you mentioned, I will get those instead.

    However, if you don't really need the Gandalf, and just want the money, I'll be glad to send you money for it in advance. Do you PAYPAL?
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    Is the FOTR 9 pack available at retail stores or only online?
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    Slayer- Both, kinda. It was out more or less last christmas for retail. I spotted maybe two in a few months. There are more abundant online, but it's not unusual to find a few every so often.
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    Lubing up the probe - it's business time.
    For whatever reason, Slayer, our Canadian WalMarts seemed to have just gotten a bunch of these to clear out - I saw upwards of 15 of these packs 2 weeks ago here in BC, but they've since sold out. I've heard similar posts from other Canucks as well. Im hoping we too will get our supply of clearance green pkgd figs as you guys are getting at KB's down there, I've been looking often hoping to pick a few up.

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    Picked myself up a FotR Gimli and Orc Overseer at KB today. There were a few Gandalf the Grays and a FotR Saruman left with these, but that's about it for the FotR figures in my area, I think. Oh well, at least I got lucky when they were out. I would have liked one of those FotR Legolases though...
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    Just ordered:
    Elven archer and berserker
    Lurtz and boromir
    Moria Orc w/ merry and pippin
    Orc warrior
    Frodo w/ ring and reveal base
    King theoden
    Rohirrim soldier
    Gondorian ranger
    Easterling x2

    I have no money to pay for any of it. Had to break into the money to get the PC upgraded and now I'm in serious **** because the other half is not a happy bunny. WHOOPS!
    Still, some great figures there. Should have them by thursday at the latest. It'll be worth the hell I'm going to get for the next month.

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    Just picked up Galadriel at TOYSRUS in Moncton, still looking for Twilight Frodo for a friend now.

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    emperor jargo where did you order all that?? that must have been a hefty total!!

    and where u located at? you couldnt find any of those in your local stores??

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    I'm in the North West of the UK and although some of the T2T figures are at retail, buying a big bunch online saved in gas costs. I have to travel a fair distance to get to TRU so I ordered the first half from in the UK because the shipping was dirt cheap and I know the quality of goods will be great and the cost of the figures is the same as regular retail. The other half with the harder to find stuff like Boromir Lurtz i ordered from Toy Palace in germermany. They also send good quality goods and although the shipping is a little high for my tastes i haven't found the stuff i ordered anywhere else.

    Yeah the total has wiped me out for a month and a half. I think it comes in at around 150.00 GBP.

    I actually wavered about ordering more like Arwen and Asfoloth but I guess she'll have to wait for the next splurge. The next somewhat smaller splurge i might add... I'm just trying to catch up with everything before the ROTK stuff starts showing up. I've basically put star wars on the back burner so there's no other expenditure screwing everything up. JJ says I spend money like Zsa Zsa Gabor Probably true at the moment. I'm just lucky to have a partner who is forgiving. Any other person and there would have been a big fight about it. But my partner just frowns and groans and then we talk about how to pay for it. We've only had three fights in seven years so I'm a very lucky guy indeed

    Oh hell, the Jargo waffle again Ending now....


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