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    I really want the fellowship 9 pack, but I can't find it ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I don't think it was supposed to come out until '03. Santa Clause (my girlfreind) got mine from ebay.

    I know that they have popped up at Wal-Mart, I found a thrashed one there with a $29.99 price tag (what a steal!). It's also available for pre-order from the KB Kids website for $39.99.

    Hope this helps you find one, it really is a cool set!

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    I have seen it on KB's website, but I haven't pre-ordered it yet. I am hoping to find it. The one I saw on ebay was at 50 dollars already.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    yep, the 6 inch arwen is awesome. she comes with her horse and a wounded frodo. i just saw about 6 of these at toys 'r us on monday.

    the 12 inch one, however is horrible, as all the 12 inch LOTR figures are. as much as i gripe about hasbro, they would of done a much better job on the 12 inch line.

    word is, the next wave of LOTR 12 inch figures have been cancelled. i hope and pray toybiz is gonna let sideshow make these. could you guys just imagine 12 inch elf archers, and an 18 inch sauron?

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    Ohhh....I would love one of those Arwen's derek!

    I scouted my TRU today, and found the Gandalf and Ring Wraith rider packs. But no sign of Arwen. Or Legolas for that matter.

    I also found the Gimli/orc 2-pack, and the Sam-Frodo boat pack.
    So that was a nice score for me. But alas, no legolas for me...
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    No LOTR after Christmas

    Went out last night to my local TRU, Target, and Wally World only to find that TRU only had Gandalf the White from TTT and Treebeard. Target and Wallyworld had no LOTR figures at all. When I asked in Target, I just got a blank stare, then the inevitable umm..., I could not find anyone on the floor to ask at Wally Word and the customer service counter line was way too long. Anyone else having this problem?

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    I had that problem at Wal-Mart before Christmas. I guess they sold all of them, and hadn't re-stocked. I guess they didn't anticipate selling many during the holidays.

    I haven't looked at Target, but TRU has had a decent supply of them.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I have no real proof of what I'm about to say, but from my vast shopping rout (up to 5 Targets and 5 WM in one night) I have found this.

    Before the Xmas rush, when WM was resetting their toy department they shrunk the big front Star Wars display to a third of what it was during the summer. They prepared for the big Holiday movie toys (Harry Potter and LOTR). Thus for a brief period the front toy isle had LOTR, Harry Potter, and Star Wars figures. Even though it was set, I never saw anything but Star Wars fully stocked. Then a week or so later (at all of the WM I frequent) they clearance out all of their FOTR figures and removed the display from the main toy isle. Thus leaving Harry Potter and Star Wars to cover the whole isle. So, logic would lend us to believe that WM stopped carrying LOTR figures for some strange reason. I don't know why this could be. Could be they think the movie is too violent to sell the toys to kids. Could be they don't like the way Toy Biz runs things. Could be they don't like directors from New Zealand. Who knows? I do know that not a single Wal-Mart I've been to this holiday season (more than 10 different ones) have had a LOTR figure.

    Now on to what I've found at Targets. Each Target is different. Thus what each Target carries is different. This is most significant to us in the toy department. The LOTR figures are carried at some Targets (and those that do have them have a great selection). It seems that some Targets don't have the second action figure isle which is where the LOTR figures are located. Along with McFarlane Sports Pics, Star Trek Enterprise and Nemesis figures, Star Trek Mini Manics figures ect. Most of the bigger Targets have them but not always. I think its luck of the draw and who sets up the toy department.

    I'm not a store organizer, but you'd think this time of year you'd want the toys to go along with one of the biggest movies of the year and of all time. So, unless you have one of the lucky Targets or a TRU near by, your chances of buying LOTR figures is sparse.

    Again, I have no proof of any of this, but as these are the facts as Iíve scene them. Hope this helped a little.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Hmmm, we'll at the horrible Wal-Mart by my house (I mean it, this place is a wreck), they had a pretty good amount of FOTR two packs, a few single figs, and 1 destroyed gift set on Dec 23rd. No TTT anywhere in sight. When I ask them anything, they look at me like they don't even understand english.

    So I've been driving waaaaay out of my way to the only other WM around here looking for Marvel Legends. This is a much nicer WM, but they have no LOTR figures at all (and I get the same "ummmm" when I ask for figures).

    So I guess my point is........ Wall-Mart SUCKS for us figure collectors, I really wish they wouldn't get any exclusives at all. And from what I've seen it looks like they don't carry TTT figures.

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    Thanks icatch.

    Anyone else have any trouble getting Shadowfax to stand properly? I have to kneel him on his right front leg. I can't get just a standard standing pose. I have no problem with my Ring Wraith, but Shadowfax just won't seem to cooperate.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"


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