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    My archers helmet falls down on his face every time I so much as sneeze. But it is a great figure!
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    My archer had that problem too. I just took one of those twisty wire things and wrapped it tightly around the helmet (while off the archers head) and let it sit for a few days. Took the twisy off, and now it fits tightly on his head . Don't know how long until it loosens back up though (if it does).

    I like your idea Brainiak76, that sounds like it probably works the best. Do you repaint a lot of your LOTR figures?

  3. #703 not really but i just wanted to make the archers paint scheme more movie acurate!! Its pretty fun you should try it!

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    Cool! That does look more movie acurate, excellent work!!!

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    That is a well done piece of work, Brainiak. Awesome.

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    THANX GUYS! its not hard at al!

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    So anybody preorder the Helms Deep 5 pack? Ive avoided buying Theoden in Armor and Helms Deep Aragorn just so i would be getting at least three new figures out of it. Should i preorder now (im going on vacation in a few days and wont be back until about July 5th or 6th) or wait until i get back?

    Nice job of repainting the archer, brainiak76. He does look a lot sweeter than the one you get in the two pack.
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    I'm doing the same, not buying single packs if they come in a multi-pack. I'm going to pre-order it so i can get haldir to go with my Elven archer. Don't think much of Theoden in armour though but the Legolas sure looks good. Probably use the Gimli for a custom Dwarf. Aragorn is alright but there has to be a better likeness Aragorn soon.

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    I think Helm's Deep Aragorn has a pretty good likeness.
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