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    Yes, thanks to JJreason, I have my prologue elven warrior!

    My collection is coming along nicely as wel, though I don't have many orcs. They don't interest me as much as the other figures. Though I do have three ringwraiths now, and one twilight one.
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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    I didn't want the prologue elf at first but now I have the elven archer I do. They sort of go together.
    Hey Jargo, that PEW is an awesome figure. Chances are that you'll be pleasantly suprised when you finally score him and bust it open. Excellent detail, tons of accessories, and great articulation.

    Only problem I could find is that he doesn't appear to have ears. I know he's got chainmail sculpted all over his head, but it doesn't look right with no bumps where the ears would be. Luckily that isn't a problem when you have his helmet on .

    I also think it's really cool that there isn't a million different figures to get to complete this line. In fact, that's the only thing that's holding me back from going for the upcoming Armies of Middle Earth line.

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    Kool Aid- I see the single carded TTT Grishnaks warming the shelves around here. If you want one, lemme know.

    Also, amazon has 17 of the Return of the King figures up for pre-order. I am a sucker and pre-ordered all of them. I figured that these are going to be released in Aug, and by the time they hit the shelves, i'll be back in school with no car, so what the hey?!?! Here is a link if anybody is interested. Cheers!!
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    I'm hoping a couple or more Prologue elves will still make it into my collection to join the 2 Elven archers and Haldir.
    I agree that the PEW looks funny without his helmet. I couldn't put my finger on it but now you say about the ears it makes sense. The Elven Galadrhim archer looks really good without his helmet though.
    I'd buy a whole army of these guys if i could. Sneak them past the other half. If i hadn't wanted other figures as well I definately would have bought more. Easterlings too.
    I just love the formal style of the armour that also looks so unusual. We're used to seeing chainmail and platemail on armour like the Rohan stuff but the other styles are so fresh looking for fantasy without being too fantastical, if you take my meaning.

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    Holy poo did I get a haul today! Along with the Clones and Droids Clone Wars 3-Packs I also got Armored Theoden, Mordor Sam, and Boromir and Lurtz! Boromir and Lurtz are truly awesome, I think Lurtz is probably the biggest basic figure there is. Even Lurtz's gimmick works well! Boromir's gimmick sucks but he is a great figure nonetheless. (I found it at KB; Clone Wars stuff and Sam and Theoden were at TRU.) There was also a Merry/Pippin/Moria Orc set, but I didn't buy it considering the fact that I already have a Merry, a Pippin, and a Moria Orc.
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    SWEET!! i went out today also! and nothing!! i was hoping for the clone wars stuff!

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    Well after sorting a sweet trade with jjreason I have 2 PEW's comin' my way. WOOHOO!!!! JJ really is da man. I loves him like - like - I love him. Don't try to read into that okay, I aint talkin man on man love or anything so get your minds out the gutter.
    Just wanted to say a big public thank you to JJ.

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    The Play Along figures and playsets should be out soon. They've shipped out from the warehouses overseas. I'm thinking that most stores will carry them.

    I can't wait to get Isengard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    The Play Along figures and playsets should be out soon. They've shipped out from the warehouses overseas. I'm thinking that most stores will carry them.

    I can't wait to get Isengard!
    TB Helms deep five pack is out too. people have been finding it at retail. cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Just wanted to say a big public thank you to JJ.

    God Bless, Im only too happy to help - it's not like Im giving them away or anything....crikey. My only stipulation is that all people benefiting from my luck must swear an oath to the plastic gods that all figures found and sent by me must be liberated from their packaging. That's all I ask..... (oh, and a "distinctly in my favour" trade offer never hurt nobody neither).

    You're quite welcome, Jargo (and I notice the post counts have returned - you'll be a recognized despot quite soon. How exciting. )


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