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    i dunno i sure hope so though!!

    like it was discussed on another forum (LOTRG) i hope that these are just like preview figs!! And the reason that TB didnt put the actors pics on the bottom corner or any corner is due to spoilers!!

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    The ones with the figure pics are probably preview samples. Once the trailer hits the theaters in August and the DVD is released for TTT then the packaging should change to have the actors pics instead. preview packaging is always different slightly and the ones on sale in Singapore will most likely not be the same packaging when they hit the western world. But the release is probably going to be closer to the end of August to coincide with the DVD release. The 10th is more likely a warehousing date. Of course some stores will cash in and shove the stuff out early. But That's big business for you. Good that they're starting to show in August though... if it's true.

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    According to thegd, there have been sightings for ROTK figures already. One of their fellas over there picked up: Sam, Frodo and Eomer at a local Target of his in the LA area i believe. There is a reciept as well. Seems these are hitting shelves now!!! Also, there is still a picture of the figure on these boxes instead of the movie character. HH!
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    I came across...

    the Helm's Deep 5-Pack and about 5 Sauron's at my local TRU this past weekend. I almost picked them up instinctively, but fought the urge. It is depressing, but I think my collecting days are numbered.

    (Edit) - Oh, yeah. There were three Elf Archer/Berserker Uruk-Hai 2-packs as well.
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    It would be very cool if the ROTK figures were hitting. No sign of the Helm's Deep pack or Armies of Middle Earth.
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    I guess the three figures are teaser figures then. What's the betting that once the trailer for ROTK shows the packaging WILL change. I wasn't aware of the stuff showing in LA but my guess would be that they aren't supposed to be putting them out. It's just either stupid staff or profit greedy managers.
    Annyhoo, i'm not that bothered seeing as us in the UK will be the last people to get them.

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    Yeah, actually an SSG'er reported finding these at the Target in Pasadena (L.A.) this weekend over in the "just found USA" section.

    So if these are preview figures, and they do plan on changing the packaging, that'll probably mean scalpers will be all over these.....

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    If anyone wants to see the figures that the guy found, here is the picture...
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    I wish I could see the figures a little better, I haven't taken the time to go looking for pics of the ROTK figures yet. I had kind of imagined the packaging would be a little darker, but that's a great colour. I'm very excited about these......

    No mention of Shelob though, or a "captive" Frodo or anything. Im spoiler free, which leads me to wonder whether or not they're even going to deal with that aspect of the story. NOTE: PLEASE DON'T TELL ME!!!!! I CAN WAIT!!!! MY NEW SPOILER FREE ATTITUDE HAS SET ME FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Eomer looks sweet! in fact all of the three found so far look tip top. Can't wauit for these to reach the island outposts here. Someoe was saying that Eomer seemed a little shorter than the older figgies. If anyone here finds Eomer check it out and relay your findings. Are TB skimping and reducing the size of figures on us? It's what Hasbro did with star wars. What all manufacturers do eventually. Same price, less product over all. Just a little concerned we're being had over.
    But the new figures do look splendid.


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