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    I called around tonight to a few local TRU's and nothing. One store told me that they had the HD set, but sold out. Another store, the guy wouldn't take the time to see what new figures they had. When i informed him that EVERY OTHER TRU IN THE STATE had looked for me, he said it was up to "the store manager" and then when i informed him that everybody else i had talked to at that store was courteous enough to look, he got snippy. I told him it was 40 min drive and that if i was to drive out there and find out they had nothing and that i wasted my time, i was going to raise hell. I told him that he had lost my business and that he should learn to get off his a-- and do his job. Good times

    in closing, nothing on Ohio yet. crap!
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    Yeah there is STILL nothing new in way of LOTR figures here in Colorado.
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    Anyone out there seeing any extra Easterling Warriors lying around in your area? He seemed so common at first that I actually passed on him, and then they all seemed to just disappear from the stores all of a sudden.

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    Easterling has dried up here, quite some time ago Roojay. I too passed on this figure (as well as Faramir and Legolas Rohan Armor) when they came out, and have only just gotten the Easterling and finally made a reasonable deal for this Legolas. I don't have Faramir, but he's not burning a hole in my britches just yet. I tried to buy Grima and Theoden (no armor) today, and just couldn't. I just don't think I need them. I will likely buy Eomer and call it quits until the blue packages start showing up. Speaking of which, it was neat to see the teaser figs - good on that guy who took the pics right away. I don't think I'll be getting any of those, however. I want the new Aragorn especially bad, in hopes of it being an acceptable sculpt. Check for Easterlings, Roojay, it was in stock last night for 8.99 a pop.

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    Sadly it seems that the Easterling has dried up around here too (not that it was ever really that common). I kinda wish I would've gotten a few of 'em now....

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    Apparently Eowyn and treebeard are out i the Phillipines and Warg and Sharku are out in the states with repacks of a few other things like Aragorn and Brego and Wraith and steed. According to reports at LOTRG. That's really cool. Well for the other side of the world that is....

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    wohooo!! Scored Smeagol and the Helms Deep 5-pack today in Dayton!!! Stupid store!!! I shall never return there again!!

    Halidir looks excellent and Smeagol is a decent re-hash. His lines are pretty good quality too. HH!
    "Woke up at 9.55am. Soon as I woke up, I looked at Suzanne and she looked at me. I said, 'Did I tell you about the immune system?' Suzanne starting laughing, I said, 'it's amazing.' She said, 'Not now.'"

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    I went to KB and scored a Gimli and Uruk-Hai, which I desperately needed. I always like to build up my Orc Legions and this Uruk seemed to flesh my Legion out a bit. As for Gimli, I have the other one with the pedestal and no helmet and no cape, and this 2-pack one just blows him away. The helmet looks great, the cape looks great, and he looks much more like Gimli. Great price at $9, too!
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    I finally got Eomer today. Bright green eyes - in lovely contrast to the evidently-brown eyes the character displays on the package...... near Hasbro like attention to detail on that one. I noticed he's kind of small in stature like my Rider of Rohan as well - were these people frickin' midgets? What the heck? (Honestly, I think it's correct to have the men shorter than the Elves and Orcs, but my Rider of Rohan is a real shrimp!!!).

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    I know what you mean jjreason, that Rider of Rohan is pretty cool looking but he is about as tall as Grishnakh. In the book they were described as fair men, tall and strong. He looks strong enough I guess but he is a bit vertically challenged, so to speak.

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