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    "Shorty Eomer". I remember seeing this figure on the shelf before seeing TTT & thinking he was going to be a short guy in the flick! The height and gaping mouth do take away from these figures, that's for sure...

    Oh yeah, It seems that a few Target's out here are having a sale on TTT figures. Lots of the Army builder wave, Gollums, Theodens & Mordor Sams to go around. Plus the 2-packs, horse/rider sets, & 12" are on sale.

    Single figs: $5.94
    2-packs: $10.10
    Horse/Riders $14.44
    (forget how much the 12"ers were)

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    Its about time Target put Theoden on sale. Anybody have a Target(s) around them that doesnt sale LOTR? Ive got one nearby my work that doesnt have them and hasnt had them since the second movie came out. But they can stock that Hulk crap.
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    My Target is having the sale but ONLY on the 2-packs now. They're $10.10. Everything else- full price for now. I kinda want to get an Aragorn and Brego.
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    LOL there is one Target that never seems to have any LOTR out here in North Hollywood. It's a crappy store in a crappy area anyway.

    I scored 2 of the Elven Archer/Uruk 2 packs, I think $5.05 for each of these figures is a great deal! Also got another Wraith horse/set..... four more to go!

    Hopefully a few Easterlings will pop up as well!

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    Yes, I really want Target to rid themselves of those Theodens...They have 11 at my Target and those 11 have been there for 6 months. They have a layer of dust on top. That's all they have too, nothing else.
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    (sigh) K kids, tis official: we got TTT versions of Boromir AND Gimli. I wish Hasb- oops! hehehehehehe Toybiz would knock it off with the repacks. pics of both:

    I thought my LOTR collecting was done when i got all of Series 4, but noooooo, Toybiz has to keep pumpin' it out!! darnet shucks!!
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    Those are exactly like the versions of these figures I got in the 9 pack, from what I can see. My Gimli came with 2 single bladed axes as well as the double bladed one - other than that, they're the same.

    I do love those figures though. Well worth it if you don't yet have them and can find them at retail.

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    They are great figures, and do look cool on single cards.... But I wonder why they didn't include Gimli's cape? He looks much better with it IMO, and He did have it on for most of TTT if I remember correctly.

    Strange... Oh well, doesn't really matter to me, I won't be getting these re-packs anyways!

    They also report on a new "whiter" Gandalf. Now that's one I will be getting (If I can find one). Never did understand the creme colored version!

    Here's a link to a comparision pic:

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    I've seen that before and Gandalf the Whiter DOES look at least twice as good. Just that coloring makes the whole figure look better! That old coloring is one of two things I hate about this figure. The coloring is one, the face is the other. His facial expression should be like the photo on the package! Stern and regal. Not the serene old man face he has now. In my opinion the current face ruins all appearance of intensity in battle scenes and poses.
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    Big ROTK score for me today!

    Came across a whole section of ROTK wave one figures, plus the horse/rider sets at Target in Seal Beach CA.

    The Sharku & Warg is just awesome! A instant favorite for me. Might have to get another one to make a custom orc warg rider. The wargs closing mouth feature works great, and they used a tougher rubber type material on his head than they did with the cave Troll. I don't think this one is going to deteriorate as easily.

    The other Horse rider sets were the previously released ringwraith & Aragorn sets.

    The Sam & Frodo in orc armor are both completely awesome figures as well! Great likenesses, excellent detail, great articulation, and no action features. These are ideal examples of how figures should be done IMO, plus they just look damn cool with their helmets on!

    The Eomer Puzzles me....... The figures got a nice look, the sculpting is great (although the likeness is not)...... But he is way out of scale. It looks to me like he's shorter than the TTT "shorty version"!!! WTF happened here?? He looks like a tall dwarf when stood next to the elven archer!!! ..ah well, customize him with someone elses legs and guess he could look better.....

    The Aragorn is the Helms Deep boxed set version (with the strands of hair painted in his head). Nice figure, at least they repacked a different version than the previous single card release.... (I passed on it)

    No Uruk Hai w/crossbows to be found

    Check yer Targets!


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