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    I found ROTK Eomer and Frodo in Orc Armor at Target yesterday. The new blue packaging is cool but it would look better if it had a picture of the character in the lower right corner instead of the figure. We know what the figure looks like- we're obviously looking at it!
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    Many thanks to Jedi Master Guyute (who i might add seems to be the luckiest person i know when it comes to getting LOTR figures) for helping me obtain a single carded Grishnak. As for the five pack everyday i go to Entertainment Earths site and put it in my cart, only to decide against it and hope i see it at retail. I dont know whether thats wise or not though. I never once seen the 9 pack at any stores.
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    I would also like to thank JMG for hooking me up with Galadriel (FINALLY!), and Elektra from Marvel legends. What a guy!

    Now get to work on that Elrond figure JMG!
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    I'm just in the right place at the right time!!! Or shall i say, when it comes to collecting, the force is strong with me?!? I work for Pepsi, and they ALWAYS have me at Wal-Mart and Meijer stores, which carry lots of LOTR things. Plus, i go hunting pretty much every night around 11 pm and don't quit till 1 or 2 in the morning, time permitting.

    As for Elrond, i'll be in Columbus this weekend and i hear that some random FOTR figures are popping up at KB stores, i believe, so i'll keep my eyes peeled. I just don't get Elrond craze. I saw him warming pegs for weeks in columbus and i got one the day i saw him. I don't get how he became that rare that fast!

    glad everbody got their figures safetly, well, i think one package is still en route! HH!!
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    I didn't start collecting LOTR figures until after TTT figures were out unfortunately, so I missed out on him, and Arwen w/Frodo.

    But one day, i will get them.

    Why don't you send me your peg-warming Elrond, and get another for yourself?...
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    Hehehehe Elrond is all that eludes me from FOTR. I started late and hit heavy with purchases but it's paid off for a beautiful collection. All I need to do is find the odd army builder to swell the ranks of Elves and Easterling. Not being a completist has helped because I can't see the point of buying every repack. My philosophy is one of every character and three or four of army builders. I've ended up with so many darn Hobbits already I'll be giving them away soon. I'm waiting for the second of August because then I can charge to my cards again. Another hard hit should have me complete up to ROTK. Maybe even with these early figs and the Warg. Can't wait.
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    Im trying for only one of each character as well (says the guy with 3 Legolas so far), and Im only buying Orcs on sale, or if they come in a 2 pack where I badly want the other character (Elven Archer, for example). I haven't bought any riders at all, though the Warg will tempt me for sure. The pics of the Aragorn that comes with Brego show a very nice cloth cape - can anyone who has that set let me know how the figure is? I really don't like mine (from the 9 pack) all that much, and want to upgrade. I may have to wait for the ROTK versions to see one I want badly enough to spend money on.

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    I held out on buying an Aragorn figure because I wanted the perfect Viggo figure. And I settled with Helm's Deep Aragorn. The likeness is excellent and the sword and knife are great accessories.

    The King Aragorn figure is also very cool looking- thats the only other Viggo figure I'lll get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    The King Aragorn figure is also very cool looking- thats the only other Viggo figure I'lll get.
    Did you see the picture of "Weathertop Stirider" that someone posted? They finally seemed to get the head sculpt right.

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    They have a pic of that figure at the green dragon ( I agree with you, that looks like it may be the best Aragorn yet!!


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