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    Jargo- you still need a Prologue Elf and Elven Archer? I'll keep my eyes peeled. If memory serves, don't the Archers come in just the two packs though?

    No ROTK stuff here in Ohio (even though GD reported finding figures in Huber Heights, which is about 20 min from my house and i freakin' stopped there on Monday on my way home from Dayton, but nooooooooo, nothing good for Mike!! not that it matters, i pre-ordered about 17 figures from amazon, but still, i need the beast packs and it's always giddy to find new stuff in stores).

    Speaking of new stuff, has ANYBODY else seen that weird Hulk doll at targets?!?!? The one where you squeeze his belly and he does that high pitched moan thing. My lord, that thing is freaky!!! I waved that thing at one of my friends and she actually friend dave also dared me if i waved it at him again he'd punch me...yeah, he did.... anyway, back on topic...yay LOTR figures...or something
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    Yeah the archer comes with the berserker. But that's cool. If you see any let me know although I think we might need to chat first maybe about shipping rates and payment method and all of that crud. Had problems getting stuff from the states before now. Canada - no probs, States - well whatever can go wrong will go wrong!

    I've decided that I'm going to be getting rid of a chunk of my star wars collection to make way for the LOTR stuff. So one of my shuttles will be going. haven't decided what else yet. LOTR is much cooler. There's less to collect for a start and army building doesn't take so long to do because the figures fill the space faster. So ultimately it works out cheaper in the long run. Bonus!

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    Anyone else notice that the Helm's Deep Haldir is actually a repainted Elven Archer with a new head sculpt? Not a big deal to me, but I was surprised to find that out when I opened mine.

    Hey Jargo, there are still plenty of Elven Archer/Berserker two-packs in my area. I'm pretty sure I can even get them at Target's clearance price (I think that's $10.44 US). I might be able to help you out with that one. Drop me a line if you're interested and I'll do some checking.

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    Great news! I picked up Eowyn and "9 Treebeard this afternoon at Wal-Mart. They also has Gollum and Smegol there as well, I passed on those. They were $6.93. Good prices too!

    Treebeard is the exact same figure as the BIG one, personally I like the big one better. Eowyn is cool, and has a pretty good likeness to Miranda Otto. She has very articulated arms and legs and comes with a sword. No sign of Prologue Bilbo, there were a few spots missing so I believe somebody beat me to them.

    Buy hey, new figures out!
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    hey guys, I really appreciate the help but my only concern is the high cost of shipping from the states. I'm not too clued on it having only bought from collectors gallery online and I got stung for really high import duties doubled the cost of the stuff I bought. So i'm just a little wary of it now. Anyone shed any light on this if you've traded with or sent stuff to the UK before? I mean it sounds great and I'd love to ay yeah send em over. but I don't want either me or you to end up losing out. From my end I know that shipping to canada is cheap having sent stuff to JJ and it must have been okay from canada to here. Just don't know how this works out. So i'm going to say a tentative yes but with checking out first.

    Looks like we won't be getting any ROTK stuff at retail until the end of August at the earliest. Absolutely nothing at the TRU store i went to today. just old old stock. And not much of that even. I've pretty much decided to stop going out to TRU and i'll just sort everything out online.

    Does it strike anyone else as weird that they made an eight inch treebeard? It just seems like such a weird item to shove into the line now. What's next, a four inch Sauron?

    Anyone downloaded the ROTK trailer? Cool isn't it? I'm sensing 6 inch gondorian soldier sometime soon.......

    Oh and US $10.44 = GBP 6.45 which is pretty good. Our 2-packs are normally 14.99 And it's 9.99 for a single figure. Checked out of curiosity.
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    Um, pssssssst, Jargo, did you get the trailer off of um........other sources or is it posted somewhere?!?! Help a brother out!!!
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    Whooop, nevermind, found it. I have to go change my pants now. AWESOME!
    "Woke up at 9.55am. Soon as I woke up, I looked at Suzanne and she looked at me. I said, 'Did I tell you about the immune system?' Suzanne starting laughing, I said, 'it's amazing.' She said, 'Not now.'"

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    I stil haven't found it, and would still like some help in seeing it...

    Jargy, I checked the US Postal Service website for shipping prices to the UK - I'm afraid to say the cheapest form of shipping for that approximate size packaging is Global Priority Mail for $15.00 US (about 9.28 GBP).

    Here's a link to their pricing for future reference:

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    I found the remnants of those ROTK figures at WM today too. All they had were Smeagol and Gollum (snagged a Smeagol ). I really wish they had the Eowyn & Bilbo, but they will come with time!

    Also found the red box TTT Smeagol at TRU, the new blue boxed Sauron at a KB outlet, and a few AOME at a Target (really did some running around today ). Didn't buy any of this other stuff, but I was tempted on the blue boxed Sauron just to keep sealed (I already have the red boxed one opened up).

    Looks like the LOTR stuff is starting to really hit the stores folks!

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    Yessssssss! The Twilight Frodo is miiiiiiine!!! :happy: :happy:

    Scored this elusive guy yesterday in a trade (for an item that I bought for $10). I'm a happy man now, with complete FOTR & TTT collections!! Now it's on to ROTK.... I wonder what the ROTK chase figure is going to end up being.....



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