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    I did a little custom work on my few AOME figures. On Gandalf w/ Shadowfax, I repainted Gandalf's hair and beard white. It looks much better. And on the Raith w/ Horse I touched up the scuffs and wound marks on the horse. It looks a little more complete now.
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    Found Smeagol and 7" Treebeard in ROTK packaging today at my comic store, I didn't buy either. Im reconsidering buying the Treebeard figure to use as an Ent Warrior, a couple of those flanking your big Treebeard might look cool in a diorama, doing battle with Sauron and some Orcs....

    Money's always a consideration though, and Jodi is not as forgiving as I am...

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    Strange that, i'm considering buying a second deluxe treebeard to customise into Quickbeam. I just don't like the idea of only having one Ent. I figure if I just smooth off the bark a bit i can make it look like a different type of tree. Leave off the top branch and add some more leaves and twigs at the top with paper wrapped wire and PVA glue coated fabric for leaves. Just a few simple tweaks and a whole new Ent. Although it's the expense right now that's stopping me. The small version doesn't interest me at all even as a sort of midget Ent. I dunno, i have so much on order right now, maybe I'll wait for the treebeards clogging the shelves in TRU to go on clearance.

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    Alright, this topps em all! I just scored Super Posable Gollum and Pelennor Fields Aragorn at Target today! The Bendy Gollum SUCKS compared to this one, this one is definatly worth the buy. Aragorrn is wearing the Gondorian armor and is super posable as well. He holds the sword with BOTH hands, has the elvyn dagger on his back. His hais is made from soft rubber so his head moves all directions. He has several layers on his outfot as well. The detail is incredible!
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    How's the face sculpt? Sounds like I'll finally be happy with an Aragorn figure......

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    Never mind Aragorn, how's the Gollum? how does the rockface thing work, have they actually left all the points of articulation in or skimped? What's the paint job like does his face look stupid does he look like he'll break easily..... *breathes* forgive me. SPG is one of the figures I'm most looking forward to. *shrugs sheepishly*

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    Here's the lowdown on Gollum. The sculpting is excellent. He's actually sculpted with a happy face though interchangable heads would have topped everything. Both arms have 6 points articulation including shoulder, bicep, elbow, forearm, wrist and fingers. Both legs have 6 points each as well. The legs and shoulders have ball joints. Now remembering that Gollum is very skinney and "gangley" as Faramir put it, the figure appears to be somewhat delicate, but the plastic used is very firm. You can pose him crouching, standing, covering his ears, pretty much whatever you want him to do.

    The climbing action is a cheap thrill. Yes it works, several stone pieces of a stone wall are included. You put Gollum's hands in 2 little holds and sort of shift him up or down.

    The only reason to get this figure is FOR the Gollum figure. It totally blows Bendy Gollum away. I don't know what posessed ToyBiz to even make Gollum bendy in the first place.
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    Cool! thanks for that. *moves Gollum back to top of want list* One more question, The bendy one had the face as a seperate piece glued onto the head which was part of the one piece body. Is the head on crawling Gollum a one piece mold or two halves stuck together? I'm just wondering if it might be possible to switch the faces over, put the snarling face on the crawling G and the smiley face on the bendy one. Why would I want to do that? because crawling G nearly aleways looks fierce and having a crawling snarly G coming down the wall at the hobbits would look cool as ******!

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    Its possible, SP Gollum's head is movable as well (moves side to side) a peg attachment, you could try removing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    Its possible, SP Gollum's head is movable as well (moves side to side) a peg attachment, you could try removing it. this Gollum a 12" scale figure you're talking about...or another variation on the bendy-size Smeagol & Gollum in the red & blue pkgs. Just curious?
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