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    Lord of the Rings figures

    The old thread seems to have disapeared, so I'm starting a new one.

    Anyways, I found Kind Theoden tonight at Media Play. He's a neat looking figure. He's a smaller figure like Eomer- but the detail is good. I also saw the LOTR Snow Globe, thats cool too!
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    Congrats on your find!! I just got Sauron from Entertainment Earth he is a great figure.A few weeks ago I got Two Towers: Legolas, Easterling, Grima Wormtongue and 2 pack Merry & Grishnack!!
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    Those are great figures. I'm waiting to find my Sauron in stores. As soon as Harry Potter dies down in the next week or two, we should see a lot more LOTR figures. I'm really looking forward to Treebeard!
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    i was really excited after seeing the 12 inch legolas prototype photos. it looked awesome, was an excellent likeness of orlando bloom, and had beatuiful rooted hair. i found the final product in a store, and it looked terrible, and had horrible plastic hair, like it was blowing in the wind. too bad......this could of been one cool figure, especially since his small figure is very well done.

    toybiz needs to let sideshow do it's 12 inch figures, since they already do the statues and busts.

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    12" figures form Sideshow would be great! ToyBiz is making great figures, but Sideshow would make better 12". They always do.
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    I picked up Gandalf the White from Target last night. It's a great figure. And very different figure from Gandalf the Grey. The Ian McKellen likeness is a little better.
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    I ordered Legolas from toy-palace some days ago
    does anybody have him, and does he really look like the actor? cause over at niubniub the fig looked EXACTLY like the actor that I just had to order him
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    The new Legolas figure is one of the best figures Toy Biz has ever made. It looks just like the actor and has a bunch of great accessories and the artiiculation is awesome. Well worth it!
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    Good Choice Maul!

    As Jayspawn said, the Legolas toy is one of the best figures, but not just form Toy Biz, but ever made. This is the toy that got me into collecting the rest of the Two Towers Toys.
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    Yeah, the Legolas is the best. I also love the new Eomer, Rohirrim Soldier, and the Gimli from the 2-pack released a few months back. Simply outstanding figures.

    I got Gandalf w/ Shadowfax last night, totally awesome. The cloth cloak is awesome, and the likeness is almost as good as the legolas, way better than the Gandalf the Grey.
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