These Toy Biz LOTR figures are awesome! I have everything from FOTR, but still do need a few single figs from TTT (cant find a blasted Easterling anywhere!).

I'm especially impressed with Sauron, mine had a little bag with 4 extra rings taped in the back of the box (in case you lose "the one true ring"). It think that is so cool!!

Anyways, just wanted to give a tip for the Gandalf/Shadowfax set:
Since there isn't a harness on Shadowfax, Gandalf just kinda sits (lamely) on top of his horse. I took the clear rubberband from Saurons packaging (it was on Saurons head), and strapped it around Gandalf's ankles (with Gandalf on Shadowfax, of course). This worked out great, he almost really looks like he's riding it now!

Looking forward to the NEW figures in waves 3, 4, and 5!!!
(not sure why there repackaging figures from two packs...)