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    TIP for Gandalf & Shadowfax

    These Toy Biz LOTR figures are awesome! I have everything from FOTR, but still do need a few single figs from TTT (cant find a blasted Easterling anywhere!).

    I'm especially impressed with Sauron, mine had a little bag with 4 extra rings taped in the back of the box (in case you lose "the one true ring"). It think that is so cool!!

    Anyways, just wanted to give a tip for the Gandalf/Shadowfax set:
    Since there isn't a harness on Shadowfax, Gandalf just kinda sits (lamely) on top of his horse. I took the clear rubberband from Saurons packaging (it was on Saurons head), and strapped it around Gandalf's ankles (with Gandalf on Shadowfax, of course). This worked out great, he almost really looks like he's riding it now!

    Looking forward to the NEW figures in waves 3, 4, and 5!!!
    (not sure why there repackaging figures from two packs...)

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    Thanks for the tip jpak001.

    Has anyone been able to run across Treebeard or Sauron? If so where?

    These 2 continue to evade me.
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    Originally posted by Jayspawn
    Thanks for the tip jpak001.

    Has anyone been able to run across Treebeard or Sauron? If so where?

    These 2 continue to evade me.

    I have seen Treebeard in abundance at several TRU's, but I have seen Sauron, only at the Time Square TRU. I suppose Toys R' Us is you r best bet for now. I wouldn't worry, the LOTR stuff gets easier to find.

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    Originally posted by Wolfwood319
    Yeah, the Legolas is the best. I also love the new Eomer, Rohirrim Soldier, and the Gimli from the 2-pack released a few months back. Simply outstanding figures.

    I got Gandalf w/ Shadowfax last night, totally awesome. The cloth cloak is awesome, and the likeness is almost as good as the legolas, way better than the Gandalf the Grey.

    Let me made trades for all of these figures, then never sent a dime? Ahhh yes.....that's the good 'ol Wolfwood I know!

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    Well, there seems to be TONS of Treebeards and Saurons at all the TRU's in my area (especially Treebeard with his 29.99 price tag). Keep checking your TRU, they're bound to get 'em in soon!

    Heads up: BigBadToyStore just got in assortment 1 today. You can get your Gandalf the White, Legolas, and Easterlings from them for reasonable prices. Good stuff!

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    Question Faramir's two right forearms!

    Finally scored the Easterling and Faramir today, that got me current!

    After I opened Farmair I noticed he has two right forearms!!

    I wish I would have noticed at the store, would've checked the other one they had (was too busy paying attention to the paint jobs to notice!). Anyone else's Faramir like this, or did I get a mutie ??

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    I found both Gandalf with ShadowFax and the single figure, and after inspecting them both, the single pack figure is 100 times better. I usually like cloth over plastic, but the cloth on Gandalf just looked stupid. But the single figure rules, with ball joints aplenty and the wrist on his staff arm extending out to make it look like he is firing magic. Awesome. The second best figure in the line behind Legolas.
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    Sauron just now hit my TRU but there was only like 3. No sign of Treebeard yet. But with the movie less than a week away, the both should show up more.
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    There was a million Treebeard's at my TRU but no Sauron's. Damn it....
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    This may be old news:

    There's some pretty good pictures of assortments 3, 4, and 5 at Raving Toy Maniac.

    Here's a link to asst 3 (with the ultra-cool twilight ringwraith):

    Cant wait to score these babies!


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