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    The only FOTR items I have so far is the Baromir 2-pack, and the Cave Troll. Sadly, I remember my "secret" KB having tons of them, but they just sold them recently now that I went back to get them.

    The Baromir from the 2-pack seems to not be of the same quality of the other figures. And I got Aragorn from TTT, but, well, it doesn;t look like Aragorn, and the action feature really takes away from the figure.
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    be on the lookout for the fellowship 9 pack. i got this at walmart for $30 bucks. that's just over $3 a figure. way better than buying them all separate for $6-$9 each. before that, i only had legolas and arwen.

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    If you care to, head over to and browse the LOTR figures. They have more pics up, like Twilight Frodo, Sam, King Theoden in armor and some other stuff. Sweet Monkey!! cheers!!
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    Derek, is that the 12" or 6" Arwen. I didn't know there was an Arwen figure yet.

    I have a couple of LOTR figs under the tree, not sure which ones yet. I'll find out tonight. And the new figs look AWESOME!
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    hey QLD, there is an Arwen figure in the deluxe horse and rider set with Asfaloth and "wounded" Frodo. i've seen some at targets recently so you still might be able to find one.
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    Cool, I want to get that. I'll have to look more thoroughly now that the Christmas crowds are going to be a lot smaller.

    I ended up getting a Gandalf the White, and Faromir today for Christmas.
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    I got the Fellowship 9 pack for Christmas today. It is absolutely awesome! I wasn't even going to get it but was surprised this morning when my aunt got it for me. The figures are pretty much the same as a lot of ones I alredy have but the paint jobs are different and the cloth cloaks are sweet. Gimli and Legolas RULE!!!!!
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    The Arwen that comes with the horse is a very nice figure. I'm hoping that TB will make a standard one also. There's a new Aragorn comin gout this next year that looks a litle better.
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    I got the 9pack as a X-Mas gift too. It's great!

    It looks awesome in the package, they're all walking in row with their swords drawn, and like Bosskman said, there are some slight differences to the figures themselves. Most notably the cloth robe on Gandalf (looks much better than the grey plastic one IMO).

    Oh yeah, the Arwen figure IS very nice. Great likeness of Liv Tyler!

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    I too received the Fellowship Gift Pack for Christmas, and must say that I am more than pleased with this. I only had the Gandalf figure from the FOTR and the new figure with the cloth cloak just looks better. My big question is with it being packaged so nicely, should I open it or leave it packaged?


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