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    The Balrog was originally intended to come out last year with the Fellowship line, but it was too expensive and stores feared it wouldn't sell. It has been taken back to the drawings boards to try to figure out how to keep it as awesome as it deserves, but make it somewhat fairly priced.

    Halidir, the wood elf, is supposed to come out with TTT line i thought. Maybe he got pushed back again.
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    For anyone intertested, has the Legolas TTT figure in stock. I needed one badly, and ordered it.

    Just thought I'd let you know.
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    Okay, for those who don't know, series 3 is set to come out in February. IIRC, it has:

    Aragorn in Helm's Deep Armor
    Frodo with Light-up sting
    Prologue Elf
    Twi-Light Ringwraith

    And I think I'm forgetting one...

    Series 4 is set to come out next July, and has:

    Sam in Mordor
    Twi-light Frodo
    Theoden in Armor
    Gimli from 2-pack
    Boromir from 2-pack

    And series 5, set to come out in February (before series 4, somehow), is only army builders.

    Beserker Uruk-Hai
    Ringwraith from Horse and Rider Set
    Moria Orc

    And I think that's it... have I missed any?

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    From the 3 assortments listed above I'm only excited about Gollum, Prologue Elf, Twilight Wraith and Gimli.
    I think that's a pretty poor line-up to be honest.

    Can anyone figure out where Gollum will be articulated? Picture at:

    And there are some pics of waves 3-4 at:
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    From what I can tell just his head, looks like he could be bendy but it's doubtful.

    Some cool looking figures there..
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    I am excited about:

    Prologue Elf
    Twilight Ring Wraith
    Frodo w/ lightup sting
    Twilight Frodo
    Sam in Mordor
    and Theoden in Armor.
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    I'd rather have him with zero articulation than made of that bendy crap.
    I can't wait to have a go with the base though!
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    Gollum WILL be bendy.

    But I've heard rumors that he will be bendy in the same sense as the horse and riders, in that the joints are hidden under a soft skin-like cover.

    And I realized I left Helm's Deep Legolas out of the series 4 list.

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    My LOTR figure reviews

    Bleh, he's somewhat bland. He has a slashing-snappy-waist action feature to keep the kids happy. A fantastic likeness to Karl Urban, and his Rohan sword is more detailed than the one that the Rohirrim or my boy Legolas come with. He's seriously lacking in articulation, though, as he doesn't have the rotation joints at the mid-biceps or at the mid-thighs/mid-calves. He's okay, though, and his armor is exquisite. If you have the Rohirrim (a great figure), why not get Eomer as well?
    He gets a B

    -Saruman the White (TTT)
    I was lucky enough to pick up the new "whiter" version. He looks enough like Christopher Lee (the only toy of Lee I've seen that's had a better likeness, in fact, was the 12" Count Dooku.) He has a Palantir filled with the Eye of Sauron, although there are pupils on either side, but his magnetic hand can only hold it by the pupils. So instead of him looking into the Eye or having the Eye face outward, the Eye faces the side. He's ok, though, and if you have Gandalf, or Sauron, or hordes of Uruk-hai, then he's worth getting.
    He gets a B+

    -Gandalf the White
    Mine was a little beige, actually. He looks very much like Ian McKellen. His staff-raising action works exceptionally well, (better than Saruman's) as if he's healing Theoden from the spell of the White Hand. His costume is well-designed, and Glamdring has an elaborate sheath, although it fits into it a little too snugly. His left arm is well-jointed, but other than that his articulation leaves much to be desired.
    As a result of his lackluster articulation and him being beige rather than white, he gets an A-

    He's among the better-articulated of the Fellowship figures and can hold his Elven blade with two hands. His upper body is realistic enough, but something about his legs just feels somehow "cartoony". His action feature is feeble as well. These are minor complaints though, and since he's only a Fellowship figure, he gets an A

    The best army builder figure yet. He has the most articulation of the "nobodies" (besides the Berserker Uruk-hai) and exquisitely detailed armor. His helmet ornaments are really bendy, though. There's not much else to say about him. If you want some more sword- and arrow-fodder for your "Action Figure Wars," get this guy.
    He gets an A+

    -Gondorian Ranger
    A little inferior to the Easterling, but still a good "nobody" figure. He has all the articulation of TTT figures except he's lacking the mid-thigh/mid-calf rotator. He actually has more mobile ankles than any other figure, though. If you have Faramir (and I do), then you might as well get this guy so Boromir's little brother can have some goons to command.
    He gets an A-

    -Pippin and Ugluk
    I mainly got this for Ugluk. I now have 4 Uruks (Ugluk, bow-shooting Lurtz, the Berserker, and the one from the 2-pack with Gimli). Ugluk uses the basic body of the Gimli Uruk, however he's better in every way. He has very well-detailed leather armor, ball-jointed shoulders and hips, and his ankles have a little side-to-side motion. Pippin is okay, and better than the Fellowship version. I mainly collect the "warrior" characters of LOTR and don't have much use for the Hobbit...if nothing else, you can do what I did and use Pippin's little sword as Aragorn's Elvish hunting-knife. Pippin has a poor likeness, though.
    Ugluk gets an A+, and Pippin gets an A

    -Ringwraith and Horse
    Awesome! I knew the horse could gallop, but didn't know that its lips sneered when the eyes lit up. The Ringwraith is dark and scary, and while I haven't discovered all his articulation, he is certainly nice. If you love LOTR at all, you have to get this.
    The set gets an A+

    -Aragorn and Brego
    There's a number of reasons to get this one. You can give the horse to the Rohirrim or Eomer if you want. This is also the first decent Aragorn figure. Legolas and Aragorn are my two favorite characters in LOTR, and while all of Legolas's figures do him justice, he's one of the least important members of the cast. Aragorn is the title character of ROTK, and most of his figures have sucked. Strider from FOTR had a good likeness, but was hard to find, had a small head, and his sword was too short. The bow-shooting Aragorn had a hideous likeness. This Aragorn has a durable sword of proper length and a perfect likeness. He has Boromir's vambraces and his outer jacket(?) is cloth. It's worth getting for Aragorn alone. I'm not good at critiquing horse figures, but Brego is an even better "figure" than the Ringwraith's steed.
    The set gets an A+

    Yes, the Dark Lord himself! He has all the standard TTT articulation except for the mid-thigh/mid-calf rotators. His fierce mace can fit in either hand, and his fingers are easily removed yet do not fall off at the slightest touch either. I don't like the light-up eyes, but the voice is dead-on, loud and scary. Like the Ringwraith set, any LOTR fan should get this.
    The Scourge of all the Lands gets an A+

    -Legolas (TTT)
    The laser-scanning system has triumphed again, creating a miniature plastic clone of Orlando Bloom! He has no action feature, and has as much articulation as Faramir (although Legolas's ball-jointed head has a wider arc of motion). He is well-sculpted, and has his Galadhrim bow, twin short swords/daggers, five arrows, and a Rohan sword. I like how there's a little space between each of his fingers, so it's possible for him to engage in sword play and also shoot his bow while holding an arrow between two fingers (like on all the archer figures). The only real problem is that his hands hold the daggers rather loosely. His bow also has a higher draw strength than any other, and as such it can't be drawn quite as far back. It does have a heck of a shooting range, though.
    The figure gets an A+

    -Elven Archer and Berserker Uruk-hai:
    A superb likeness to Toy Biz's Jesse Falcon! Everyone complains of his loose helmet--and while it doesn't fit as snugly as, say, Gimli's, it's not like it falls right off his head the moment you put it on. If it bothers you, you could just glue it to his head. It's not like they took their helmets off anyway. His accessories are top-notch, with a gorgeous composite longbow, four arrows, and the sexy Elven Sword! His articulation is hit-and-miss. He has "only" 14 points (a bit short for a TTT figure). His neck is ball-jointed, great for sighting down the arrows. His legs have perfect articulation, but his only real problems are the arms. His only arm articulation is ball-jointed shoulders and at the elbows. He doesn't have joints at the wrists or mid-biceps. It's perfect for bow-shooting, and he can hold his blade in 2 hands but can't really fight with it. These are just minor complaints, though. He's a great figure, and if you give him a gold color scheme he's perfect as a Prologue Elf. The figure gets an A.
    I've always imagined, if one were to classify orcs as primates, that Moria Orcs were like monkeys, Mordor Orcs like chimpanzees, and Uruk-hai like silverback gorillas. But the berserker is more akin to a very ugly and buff aerobic acrobat if nothing else. He has an astonishing 18 points of articulation (as many as my boy Faramir) and a cute slashing action feature. He has a huge, double-tipped sword kinda thing. Leave his mask on, as looking at his bare, hideous face gives you an urge to destroy him. His mask fits very snugly, though. I have no complaints about this guy.
    The figure gets an A+ Overall on this 2-pack:
    Probably the first thing people should go to if they're "army builders". Both figures are outstanding, and this is really the only 2-pack I know of where both figures were worth having. Get multiples of this pack, just for the heck of it. It's hard to find though, so take 'em wherever you can.
    The 2-pack gets an A+

    He has five arrows (most archer figures only have three or four) and a sword-slashing feature to keep the kiddies happy, which works. He has a wonderful rubber cape and brilliant articulation. Plus, a huge bow that's a half-inch larger than he is!
    Boromir's little brother gets an A+

    -Aragorn (TTT): A great figure, surprisingly. I heard a lot of people saying how much he sucks, but mine is great. His arrow-shooting gimmick works, his sword is solid (not rubbery like everyone claims theirs are), he has plenty of accessories, can hold Anduril in both hands....etc. A pleasant surprise. Likeness isn't perfect, but I don't mind. He gets a B

    -Rohirrim Soldier (TTT): One of the greatest things I've ever had! He's soooooo good! Very poseable, a lot of accessories (like a freakin' huge spear) and good play value. He has no action feature, and that's really not a bad thing. He gets an A+

    -Strider (FOTR): Supposedly very hard to find, so I was lucky to get my hands on one. His sword is a lot shorter than Aragorn's (even though they're supposed to be the same), likeness is good. His slashing action is funky but at least it works....and he has a torch for fighting those pesky Ringwraiths, plus a Ranger cloak. Not bad. He gets an A

    -Orc Warrior (FOTR): Again, I was lucky to find him. He has a lot of articulation, and can be posed to fight with his axe or shooting his bow (although he can't hold arrows). Get multiples of this little goblin. He's a foul pest! He gets an A

    -Gimli and Uruk-hai 2-pack (FOTR): A wonderful 2-pack. This has the best of all the Gimli figures...he can carry three axes on his person. His axe-throwing action is brilliant, and he can carry the larger ones two-handed. The Uruk is ok. He has the uruk shield and sword, and a slashing feature that Toy Biz has used since their first X-men lines ten years ago! I just wish he had a helmet or armor. Gimli gets an A+, and the Uruk gets a B

    -Boromir and Lurtz 2-pack (FOTR): Merely okay. The Boromir is absolutely horrible--looks nothing like Sean Bean, has a sword you could tie your shoes with, and can barely hold his shield. Never mind that his gimmick barely works and that his left arm is permanently jutting out to the side as if he's shooting a bow. Lurtz, on the other hand, is wonderful, and it's worth buying the pack just for him. A fabulous paint job and the best arrow-shooting action of all the figures so far. He's great, and really mean! Boromir gets a C, and Lurtz gets an A

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    Hey look, Deadeye's back again.
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