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    I seriously doubt it is DeadEye, he has an IP ban, remember .

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    Well, considering that he just posted this exact same figure review on Lord of the Rings Guide, word for word, I am pretty sure it is. That, and other things he has already said.
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    You're on Lord of the Rings guide? What a coink-i-dink, so am I.

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    even if it is DeadEye, doesn't he deserve another chance? these forums are cool

    As far as the Lord of the Rings figures, they look darn cool and the sculpts look good.. I don't think they're as good as the SAGA Star Wars figures though.
    I bet the Saruman figure is very cool
    They're more like Statues aren't they? or does the cool packaging give that illusion?
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    It's the cool packaging. All of the TTT figures have 16-18 points of articulation!

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    Originally posted by Leatherneck
    It's the cool packaging. All of the TTT figures have 16-18 points of articulation!
    wow and no gimmicks???
    Man, I wish all the star wars figures were in cool boxes... not just every 300th figure

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    Well, there are gimicks, but in most cases they don't harm the figure.

    Unlike some saga figures...

    When I find Sauron and Eomer, I can officially die a happy man.

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    I haven't found Sauron, but I have found several Eomer.
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    Sauron is hard to find, but well worth the hunt.

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    really?!?? I got mine nearly a month ago at a TRU in dayton. They had plenty of him! HH!
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