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    I got my Sauron for Christmas, and the giver had to mail-order it from But God, is it worth it. He is an incrediable figure.

    Yeah, and the Lord Of The Rings line totally blows away the Saga line. So much that I am at the point where I go to the Two Towers section in TRU before I go to Star Wars.
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    I feel the same way Xizor.

    I actually passed on SW figures I didn't have the other day, so I could buy some LOTR figures.

    I am going to find Sauron eventually. But right now I am in love with the Ring Wraith Rider. That figure is AWESOME! I am going to HAVE to get 8 more of those!
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    QLD who are you on LOTRGuide? I'm Uruk-hai, a well-received member.

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    I am Elrond. A fairly new member there.
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    Well, after a lot of driving around this weekend, I managed to find an Easterling, Faramir, and The Elven Archer-Urak-hai Berserker two pack at a way out of the way Target. I am still only finding Gandalf and the Horse Packs at my local haunts. It still appears that Wally World is not selling TTT figures, (in fact I have only seen a very badly beat up Cave Troll at Wally World.) No sightings of Sauron. This leads me to believe that after the movie and before Christmas (when most of the shelves at my local stores were overflowing with new figs.) There was a massive run on TTT figures. Anyone else notice this as well?

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    Originally posted by Leatherneck
    QLD who are you on LOTRGuide? I'm Uruk-hai, a well-received member.
    You're Uruk-hai?!?!??



    Sorry, thought you were someone else then for a minute

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    Yeah, the massive run happened last year, right after FOTR came out as well.

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    Hi everybody, this is my first time posting so please forgive me for any errors i may commit. I recently started to collect lotr toys and missed out on the boromir vs lurtz two pack. If any of you guys happen to have one in any of your area stores would you be able to pick me one up? I could reimburse you or trade you for it with a few star wars accessory packs (my targets are full of them) I know this should probably go into the buy/sell or trade threads but if any of you could help i would be really grateful.
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    Welcome to the forums kool-aid killer! You posted in the right section. As this one is about Lord of the Rings figures.

    Anyways, if you're looking for the Lurtz/Boromir 2-pack check out KB Toys. Thehave been getting them in as of late for the great price of $7.99! Otherwise, just wait. ToyBiz plans (as of now) on reissuing them in the next few months as single Two Towers figures.
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    Originally posted by Jayspawn
    ToyBiz plans (as of now) on reissuing them in the next few months as single Two Towers figures.
    Yeah, what a dumb plan this is!!! Give us new characters!!! Give us Eowyn, give us more Ents, give us more people, not rehashes!!! I just hope that Toybiz doesn't take the rehash line like Hasbleh has so many times.
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