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    I'm holding out for the Helm's Deep Aragorn. He looks better that the previous figures.

    This next year is gonna be a good one for LOTR figures.
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    The face of Aragorn sadly doesn't fit in. I nearly got caught up in this when the first wave of TTT hit my store - I had Legolas, Easterling and Gondorian Ranger ready to go, but the Aragorn didn't fit in well enough so I dumped them all. Regretfully, they were all gone when next I went to look. I think I will wind up with Legolas for sure, and the Easterling, and Saruman the White, and....well you get the picture. Now all they have to do is get them back in stock.

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    Yeah, the only figure I am disappointed in so far is Aragorn. Legolasis excellent!

    Is the FORT Strider figure better than the TTT Aragorn?
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    It's not really that better. It has a sword swinging feature which is not really good. And you can't really pose him either. The likeness is a little better though.
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    I compared the two and believed the head to be the same (if we're talking the single figures). My store had the old stuff on a 4.97CDN a figure, I should have scooped it all. The only change I could see on the face of Aragorn was a slight refinement to the paint application around his beard. The face just isn't right, and it's too important a character not to get right. I hope they fix it next go round.

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    I think between that characters figures, the Strider figure tops them all. He just looks alot better and has a better gimmick with the sword and he has that sweet torch! Just my .02.
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    I'm going to TRU tomorrow, and planning on getting my first, and definitely not last LOTRs figure. Between Treebeard and Sauron, who would you recommend? Just wondering what some of your personal opinions are. They had a surplus of both the last time I went, about a week ago.
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    I still can't find Sauron at all.
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    Get Sauron first, but only because he will be gone soon.

    As far as the most satisfying figures go, get TTT Legolas and the Easterling. They are the best of all of the figures followed very closely by the Gondorian Ranger and the Rohirrian Soldier.

    I would like to know why Toybiz felt it necessary to add the -ian suffix to the names of those figures. Completely unnecessary and actually an incorrect use of English.
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    I always thought the Rohirrian soldier name looked weird whenever I saw it.
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