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    I looked at the back of this frodo figure and it just has the pic of him from the baot two-pack and the pics of all the other single carded figures released so far (the first two waves).

    And this is not any of the Frodos listed for release. Seems to be some kind of impromptu release. Maybe to test the waters for clearing out the unsold two-packs from FOTR.

    ALL LOTR figures are flying off the shelves here.
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    Haldir (the elf who fights at Helms Deep) will be released in a Helms Deep 5-pack!!!
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    Well that ****es me off. I have wanted a Haldir figure since I saw the movie, and now I get one but in a damn 5 pack with 4 figures I already have!! Grr... I don't need to buy another crappy Aragorn, and that Gimili doesn't look to hot either. Of Course that Legolas figure is the best in the line but I still don't want two of them. And I think that Theoden is the one with the armor that they are going to release single anyway. Damn. Anyone care to buy a Legolas, Gimili, and Aragorn out of the package?
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    That really does kinda suck.... I will buy this for the Haldir figure, but like Xizor said, we don't need doubles of all the other figs....

    Well at least I know I don't need to get the single pack armored Theoden now. So I'll actually be getting 2 new figures with ths 5 pack. Would have really been cool if they made this like an all army builder pack (just human, elf, & uruk-hai), and released the Haldir on a single blister.

    Us collectors are hard to please, eh?

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    Watch, 6 months after we all get the 6 pack, they will release it on a single card like they are doing some of the 2-pack figures now.
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    LOL! That's probably what they'll do........

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    Eh, i'll take what i can get. I'd be willing to wait cause most likely they'll release it in single packs like QLD said. Cursed Toybiz...the only way i can forgive them is due to the fact they make great LOTR figures!
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    I'll probably end up getting the set anyways. My brother and I are both into LOTR and I'll probably split the figures up with him. But I'm getting Haldier!
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    Hey, Jayspawn thats a good idea! My brother collects action figures and I don't think he has a Legolas...
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    Thank you Xizor.

    I finally picked up Sauron at TRU yesterday. And he is very cool as other owners have said.
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