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    Did anyone of you who collects LOTR figures ever get the exclusive limited to 5,000 Uruk-hai? If you did, could you tell me if its the same as the one that came with gimli in the two pack? Did they use the same body but different heads? Any info would be helpful.
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    Kool-aid killer,
    Are you talikng about the mail-in offer from Burger King ? If so, I got one. Here's the details:

    It's the Lurtz body (from the 2pack), and a totally different head. The only accessory included is the helmet (which is very cool).

    With the helmet on, it's an awesome figure. Without the helmet, it's nothing special (not worth current scalper prices, that's for sure). I actually bought a lurtz/borimir 2pack on clearance just so I could give him some weapons!

    BTW: anyone know if there are any mail-in's planned for this year?

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    I'm going on a hunt tomorrow, I'll tell you what I find. I'm looking towards Treebeard, Ringwraith w/ Horse, King Theodin, or anything I can find on discount.
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    Check out my army of Uruk-Hai marching along. I managed to get several of the mail-aways plus a few from the Gimli two-pack. Enjoy...

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    Sweet! That's a nice diorama you got there. Very cool indeed!
    I count 7 mail aways, you scored big time!

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    Series III has been found in Singapore!

    Check it out:

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    Thats a very cool set up CrunchyNug. I sent out for the mail-away Urk-Hai but ToyBoz sent me a Lurtz (from the 2-pack) on account that all the mail-away Hais were gone.

    I would have liked to get that mail-away Hai though.
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    Plundering and pillaging the Spanish Main! Arrr!
    I got Treebeard and Saruman today, and they are freaking awesome. Treebeard is just amazing, I love the detail. They are both well worth it. Saruman smells so good!
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    WOW, check out those pics from the link that BlahBlahBlah posted. That Elf is going to give Legolas a run for its money as the best figure in the line. It looks amazing. And the Twilight Ringwraith is just as impressive.

    Helm's Deep Aragorn looks just O.K. but I think I will end up getting him, as he comes with his knife that the Elves give him. I won't be getting Frodo though, that damn sword is permentently stuck to his hand. Galadriel I might get though, its looks decent.

    Overall, I can't wait to see this line in stores.
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    Just saw those pics from BlahBlahBlah's post too.... HOLY SH*T

    Oh yeah, I'll be getting ALL of those figures, no question about that!


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