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    I like them all, except Frodo.... Sting being attached to the arm ruins the whole thing for me.

    I'm actually glad they re-packaged the two-pack Frodo, because that's the one I'll be getting now.

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    Crunchynug, thats an awesome diorama. Those pictures from BlahBlahBlah's post are sweet too. I cant wait to see them around.
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    I just recently decided to collect them and have a grand tottal of....................2! I accually am starting to perfer these to SW, 1 because it's only 1$ more for a more detailed and larger figure of a series I love, 2 our walmarts and targets stock them 10 times better!
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    I am in the same boat Teeska.

    I just started buying them last month, and haven't bought a SW figure since.
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    Star Wars is my 1st loyalty. Lord of the Rings is 2nd.
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    I got Pippin and Ugluk today, and I like them a lot (As I do with all of the LOTR figures). I actually can't think of one LOTR figure that I have that I don't like. I plan on getting Ephant Mon, but I really can't think of many other SWAFs that I want for now...
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    Same for me too. Lord Of The Rings figures just totally blow away Star Wars. I would pick a LOTR figure over Star Wars right now. Hell, I would pick Star Trek, Marvel, and TMNT over Star Wars right now.
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    Yup, Toybiz is revolutionizing action figure standards w/LOTR & Marvel Legends. It's probably gonna get better from here, because other toy companies will start copying after they see toybiz' success.

    The only LOTR figure dissapointments have been Aragorn (which has been discussed here plenty of times) and Eomer = Nice detail, armor, etc... But he's way too short & has a small body with that huge helmet. Plus he's stuck with that "eternal yell" face sculpt. I still bought them though

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    Out of curiosity...errr...well, greed, is Gandalf the White still shipping? I'd love to get him since I have Saruman.
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    Yes, Gandalf the White is still shipping. There's TONS of him and Gondorian Ranger at all of my Target stores.
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