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    It does suck, especially for me because no SW figures are ever here... :'( But ROTK is not that far off, and when it gets here it will rule. And I can always get back and get figures I missed online. Hell, I didn't even start collecting LOTR figs until the TTT waves. So there's a whole world of FOTR figures I can go back and buy! Hope everything works out for the rest of you too when the hiatus comes...
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    check it out everyone !!

    i finally finished my Helms Deep Uruk custom!!!

    Let me know what you think! and if you want me to post more pics LMK i have a ton more!!

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    heres a side shot!

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    a pic w/his helmet off! its a Repaint NB lurtz!

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    That looks hella awesome Brainiak! Good work!
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    heres the back!

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    lastly is all the accessories!!

    these were all made out of sculpey super flex( like the armor) and cloth for the flag!

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    THANX Jedi_Master_Guyute glad you like my work!

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    Thats some excellent custom work Brainiak76.
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    Yah dude, great work!!! Now if we could only have an entire army of those some day...


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