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    Brainiak- yeah, starting in Aug, the ROTK figures start hitting shelves. The slave troll will be carded for ROTK. I found my TTT stuff in mid Sept last year, so this is when the new stuff hits.

    Also, i would like to think that the Hobbit set would be issued for ROTK, cause it'd be goofy to release a hobbit set when some folks haven't read the books and know the end results. Do you have a link for this 5 pack thing?
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    Really? That would be great! I was under the impression that the "there and back again" set was just gonna be repacks.

    In fact I could swear that I remember seeing a pic from Toyfare, will have to go back and see if I can still find it....

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    that was a mock up jpak!! they are goin have 5 brand new sculpts!

    and JMG i kno its going be in the prob Blue ROTK packaging but will be for TT, just like some of the FOTR stuff in TT packs

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    Sweet, I'll have to get one now!

    I'm happy that it's all new sculpts, that makes sense to me (not just one like the rip-off Helms Deep set).

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    Traveling Bilbo in stock!

    Check it out, KB has the Traveling Bilbo in stock for $9.99. I'm sure they won't have 'em long, so I suggest acting quick if you still need him

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    I saw a twighlight ringwraith the other day at a tru in my area, I don't collect LOTR but that figure sure was cool looking!
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    Thanks for the heads up on Bilbo!

    I have needed one of those forever!!!

    They also had Gollum, which i picked up as well.

    Now I just need to find that sneaky Galadriel and Prologue Elf.

    Not to mention Elrond.
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    Ok so it's not really a figure, but I got a Glamdring replica today! It freaking rules, it even has the little runes and blue jewel on the hilt and everything. It is by far the coolest thing I own. I'll be happy to post pics, if anyone wants to see them?
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    i always wanted to get all the swords but thats fig money! how much did this run ya?if you dont mind me askin...

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    Well, my dad pitched in some but overall, it was $250.00. Well worth it, if you ask me.
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