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    stupid TB..why on earth would you package all the army builders @ 1 per case??? Makes no sense at all!! Even teh twin pack army builder archer/ serker pack is one per case!! Easterling, rohirrim, ple, moria orc.... ALL ONE PER CASE!!


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    Cape or no cape, I just want to find a damn Elf on the pegs!!

    It is the only figure in the line i have not seen at retail damn it.
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    any signs of TLF lately anyone???? i dont even thin ser4 is shipping in my area nemore!

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    Man, I want a TLF so bad.... That's the only fig that's holding me up from having a complete LOTR collection. I just saw one at $150.00 on ebay last night........

    Damn short-packed figures!!!! Why MUST toy companies do this????

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    Jpak- ah, let us not forget my friend, the TTT version of Gimli is now back on the lists for wave 4.

    Patience, you must have patience. You'll find it. I would not resort to e-bay just yet. Wait a few months for more to circulate and if you can't find it then, then think about ebaying. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any extras i find of him. Cheers!
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    Thanks mi amigo, you give me hope! I wouldn't pay insane ebay prices for it though, not now, not ever!!

    Ah well, I did get an extra McFarlane Stealth Predator I was hoping to trade for a TLF. Maybe I'll get lucky yet!

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    is the stealth predator that rare?? =)

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    Is "TLF" Twilight Frodo? I haven't seen it either. I need a good reference site, one with lists of figures by wave, variants, 2 packs, horse packs, multis, etc. Anyone use a good one?

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    Originally posted by Brainiak76
    is the stealth predator that rare?? =)
    I don't know which has the lower run, but the Twilight Frodo is definitely commanding a much higher price on the secondary market right now. No question about that.

    That could change though. The Stealth Predator was a limited, 'net exclusive run and sold out very quickly. The only way you can get one now is on the secondary market. I've seen them going for upwards of $50 on ebay already.

    Like JMG was saying, ToyBiz isn't done pumping out series 4. So there's still a chance to actually find him at retail. Who knows, we could get lucky and see more shipping in future cases (like at least 1 per case or something). That would be nice....

    Hey JJ, I don't know of any LOTR figure sites, but there's gotta be something like that out there.

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    JJ- try and browse around there. I can't remember the EXACT page, but on the home page, there are tabs for other parts of the site, there is one w/ listings of different sections of LOTR and one is action figures and they got some good lists and whatnot. Best of luck!

    Yeah, that curse'd TWLF is a huge pain to get. I called wal-marts for damn near a month asking if they got new stock in. I was told one night that they were getting in stock the following day and call back. So, i did, and the lady was reading off the figures she had in stock and i nearly soiled my drawers when she said..."Twilight Frodo?" I had her hold the figures she had and picked them up. He's quite beautiful to behold...he's mine, my

    and lastly, I still know how y'all feel, i can't find that freakin' Dueling Club Malfoy. He's getting even more ridiculous prices on e-bay. Why do companies shortpack figures??!?!?!?!?! Argh!!
    "Woke up at 9.55am. Soon as I woke up, I looked at Suzanne and she looked at me. I said, 'Did I tell you about the immune system?' Suzanne starting laughing, I said, 'it's amazing.' She said, 'Not now.'"


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