Thanks for that, JMG. I just checked out ToyBiz' link off the Marvel main page, and made myself a half-assed list. Here's what I came up with in terms of questions:

1. FOTR and TTT both had horse and rider sets of "Ringwraith and Horse with Light up eyes". Are the toys inside the same?

2. Are the FOTR and TTT basic carded Ringwraiths different? The FOTR one looks to have a molded cape whereas my TTT one is cloth.

3. My Berzerker Uruk Hai from the 2 pack appears to be the same as my single carded one. Is this also true with the Merry/Grishnak and Pippin/Ugluk sets? Are any of those figures unique?

4. Why the heck didn't Boromir get his own carded figure, and
4a. Why the heck did Faramir get his???

5. Moria Orc. Is the single carded one any different from the one packaged with Merry and Pip in that FOTR multi pack?

The questions are based on my desire to build a loose collection of these figures without getting unneeded duplicates. If anyone knows, or cares to pipe in, that would be super.

Please also add things that don't appear on that sight, if you know of any. I believe there was an exclusive KB Orc of some kind, and some mail away figure too (unless they're the same). Thanks for any input.