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    I bought my first miniature piece today, the Ringwraith on horse set for 11.95 CDN at my comic store. They had most of the riders: Gandalf, Aragorn, wraiths, wargs, etc. They had a few army builder packs - Rohorrim, Moria Orcs - but no Khazad Dun playset. Still not sure Im going to collect these, but I wanted the dark rider just for display. He doesn't do much, but the sword can be removed from his hand. Nice detail, including a couple of nasty bloody scratches on the steed!

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    I think TWL Frodo is supposed to be shipped one to a case now in new series 4 cases. Does anyone now of this for sure?
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    i found a bunch of saurons at my local tru today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Figurestasher
    I think TWL Frodo is supposed to be shipped one to a case now in new series 4 cases. Does anyone now of this for sure?
    I haven't heard anything about that, but I sure hope it's true!

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    For my birthday today I got Mordor Sam and a Narsil Replica ( )! They are awesome, especially Narsil. It is an incredibly beautiful sword with the gold and antique silver platings and elvish engravings, and it is huge!!! It even makes Glamdring look small! I love how the hilt is straight and cross-shaped too, it makes it look different from all of the other swords which have curved hilts. I got some non-LotR stuff too. Pretty good day, overall.
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    Nice, another B-Day here @SSG. Happy Birthday Sidious!

    Those Sword replicas are so awesome.... I drool every time I see them!

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    Nice presents, Darth Sidious. I would have to say of all the swords in LOTR, my favorite is the Uruk Hais'. They just look very emotionless and hastily made. As for series 4 all i ever see is King Theoden and the occasional Sam in Morder, oh well, i would have to say it is a boring wave of figures anyways.
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    The Green Dragon has a TRU employee reporting in that ROTK figures should be hitting retail July/August. I'm taking this with a pinch of salt though.
    Check out the report here:

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    I pre-ordered a bunch of them from and a majority of the ship dates are Aug 10th, i think. Some of them are in November too; but regardless, i won't hafta bother hunting for them. With school and crap, it'll be hella easier.
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    Looks like it's time to start haunting TRU's & KB's again...

    I wonder if they're going to fix the front pics on the new packaging after ROTK is released? (the first wave has figure pics instead of actual character shots like FOTR & TTT figures)


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