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    Just bagged myself a further four Easterlings and a second Rohirrim soldier. I'm still waiting for my fellowship 9-pack and helms deep to ship out to me. So i cancelled a star wars pre-order and reused the cash I'd put aside for it to get these army builders. It'll be ages before ROTK stuff hits my neck of the woods so i might as well build up the forces of darkness for old Sauron eh? Besides which, two Easterlings looks silly. So I had to get them some company. I'm hoping there's more left once my credit cards paid off beginning of August, go back and bag 4 more. The Easterling rocks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpak001
    Oops! I was getting "Weathertop" Strider mixed up with the "Amon Hen" Aragorn. That being said, I don't think I've ever heard of a Weathertop Strider figure.

    Is this the one you were talking about Tom, or is there another Aragorn coming out?
    Yeah. That's the one I meant. I guess I got a little mixed up. But hand him a torch and he'll fit either location. Awesome head sculpt, finally!
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    Jargo, what happened to getting just a few Lord of the Rings figures????

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    Erm, erm..... Well i was looking at how many repacks are coming and looking at my collection and thinking there'd be not much to buy in the near future and i looked at my hero section and it was plentiful, looked at my dark forces section and noticed that the Orc army was looking good but I had just two lonesome Easterlings and they looked silly, So i reasoned that my heroes outnumbered the bad guys and needed to up the stakes. So that's why i bought them. Not to mention that it'll look cool. I think i'll stop at six though and save some cash for Harad archers, another blisteringly cool design. Costume wise that is. There's also the Uruk bowman. I think four will suffice. I just can't help myself, start off with the best intentions and then get caught up in it all and before i know where i am I've got a room full. But these are so pretty and shiny and theys is my precioussssssssssess.......

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    One of my Targets got in a TON of AOME figures. No playsets unfortunatly but lots of riders and figure sets. Incredible, they look better in person. I believe the Riders (Gandalf, Warg, and Aragorn) were $6.99 and figure sets $8.99. They are going for a ton on Ebay.

    I really want the Saruman's Chambers set.
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    Before i went to work today, my mother and i went to a nearby TRU and found a Helms Deep set way up top. Luckily an employee was kind enough to pull it down for me. Haldir is awesome (too bad its the only way to get him, at least for now) and Gimli isnt bad either. My mother found me a single carded Moria Orc too. Overall a good day for LOTR collecting.
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    Repacks repacks everywhere, not a drop to drink!!

    Repacked Boromir and Gimli (helms deep) are surfacing. Both are packed in the TWo Towers red packaging and i believe Boromir has a new dagger (whooptee s----) but myself being a tool of toys, i'll pick them up. I remember way back when i found my Twilight frodo and i said i was done w/ LOTR figures until ROTK, but no, Toybiz has to keep putting out rehashes and crap. I could just NOT buy them, but i don't do things that way...hehehhehehehehe HH!
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    Some interesting news from forums, it has been announced that the Armored Aragorn figure w/ Anduril, the one shown at the convention (Not sure which convention?), is supposed to have 30 points of articulation!!! Just thought I'd post that.
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    30 points is great news - Marvel Legends Aragorn! Hopefully that's the one with the improved face sculpt shown in that earlier post.

    Still no ROTK stuff here yet, but I did get a box from an ebay purchase today - Legolas in Rohan Armor, Faramir (2 of the best likenesses I've ever seen on action figures), an Orc Overseer and Newborn Lurtz. I really like them, but that damned Uruk fetus gives me the heebees....

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    I don't like the idea of too much articulation because it's too many places for the things to break but i shall wait and see how it turns out.

    The Uruk fetus looks like snot. Green? I thought they were red skinned? I shall be repainting mine even though it's underscaled. And I will be getting rid of the egg sack thing because it's garbage. I'll make my own that looks right.

    Recieve my four easterlings and a Rohirrim soldier today. All fine and dandy and I remembered not to twist the Easterlings hands until they'd been in the freezer for a few minutes first. I'm a slow learner but at that price i'm not risking anymore torn wrist joints. I'm now just short of the Elven archer, prologue Elf and waiting on my fellowship and helms deep gift sets to arrive. It's the waiting on pre-orders that kills me.


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