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    Congrats on Twilight Frodo!!! I know of a few people who have given up all hope on him and damn near throwing in the towel. patience, you will find the TWF!!!!

    Nothing ROTK here in Ohio, at least, where i shop. I just want the beast packs considering i ordered 16 ROTK figures from amazon. C'mon Targets!! stop sucking!!
    "Woke up at 9.55am. Soon as I woke up, I looked at Suzanne and she looked at me. I said, 'Did I tell you about the immune system?' Suzanne starting laughing, I said, 'it's amazing.' She said, 'Not now.'"

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    Thanks man! I know it's silly, but I feel much better now that he's in my clutches!

    Ah, the important things in life: food, Twilight Frodo, water, shelter.....

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    Edoras Eowyn will likely be the chase figure or prologue Bilbo. Neither is that interesting to kids. It's just us mad collectors who go nuts for stuff like that. Eowyn is packed one per case so far. Bilbo hasn't shown up yet.
    I'd rather have Bilbo than Eowyn actually. She's a nice figure but the prototype version was a hundred times better looking. Bilbo will go nicely with a Gollum figure. Eowyn had better outfits they could have done, more regal ones, more attractive ones. We have a fighting Eowyn in armour so why did we need an Edoras Eowyn fighting posed too? Bit of a waste of a figure IMO. I'll buy her if I see her but she won't get preference over Bilbo.

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    I could see those being the chase figures, especially the Bilbo. That would go along with their theme (since traveling Bilbo was pretty hard to track down).

    I took JMG's que and pre-ordered those ones (along with a couple others) at Amazon. They say the estimated ship date is Nov 17th, hopefully they'll come through! If I see 'em at a store I'll still buy 'em though. I fold for new LOTR every time

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    hehehehehehe Eh, i feel like a schmuck for ordering them so early, but i figured it like this:

    1. I'll be back at OU, which is in Athens, OH, which is 60 miles from Columbus, aka: civilization. We have ONE wal-mart and that is it.
    2. It took me quite a bit of time to find some random figures with the TTT figures due to me being in the boondocks, so i figure i'll save myself the time and the money.
    3. Plus, it'll rule when i come home at random times and then for winter break and have toys waiting for me. It'll be like Christmas!!! I'm sure my checking account will disagree with my giddiness though.
    I know the earlier waves ship in a few weeks and the rest in november. Can't wait!!

    Speaking of checking accounts and whatnot, i got my star wars credit card today!!!!! Planning on hitting Targets looking for the beast packs. Every time i call they say they haven't gotten stuff in, but later i read on BBS that people are finding stuff there. I figure once i pick up my Family Guy and Robin Hood DVD's, i'll hunt for some ROTK beast packs!
    "Charge them, I will!!"
    "Woke up at 9.55am. Soon as I woke up, I looked at Suzanne and she looked at me. I said, 'Did I tell you about the immune system?' Suzanne starting laughing, I said, 'it's amazing.' She said, 'Not now.'"

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    PAH! no ROTK at all until September in the UK. Still, it gives me a month to build up my FOTR and TTT armies.

  7. #867 green w/ envy!! im sooOooO jealous!! Ive been looking for that guy for what seems like 8 months!!! Neways iwas pretty piessed when i found out that he was like 1 in every 12 cases!! ( seing how i liek clear figs)

    But its true scalper scum is the onlu reason why its value is its value!!

    Man i wish i could find this fig soo bad!!!

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    Interesting story: I'm on my way home from the Pepsi Plant this morning and i decide to swing by wally world. I walk back to toys and they're stocking crap and whatnot. I see there is nothing new (aside from the Marvel Legends figures) and i figure i'll ask the toy lady if they've gotten anything new in. I do and she says no and then i turn and out of the corner of my eye, I see a box marked "TOYBIZ LOTR: ROTK 6'' FIGURES ASST 3" and i'm like, "Yeah, any luck on opening that?" and she informs me that i can't do crap until she stocks them. Yipee.

    So, i browse around the action figure aisle, aimlessly (i was looking at DBG and Yu-Gi-Oh figures, my lord, the horror) and FINALLY she gets to the case and I rummage through it. I scored:

    Eowyn (yay!)

    No Bilbo, but i got him pre-ordered anyway. I'm going to cancel the Treebeard, Gollum and Smeagol, but keep Eowyn in case somebody needs her (NOT taking dibs yet, kids, let me actually get the 2nd one ). Anyway, keep eyes on wally worlds kids and have patience, cause i was damn near about to leave after seeing her stock pure crap for 40 min before walking over to the 2nd skid and the ROTK figures. You would think that she could've just popped it open!!! heheehheheehe she apologized when she did open it, saying that if she had to open one, she had to open all. she then said it was purely because of the hot wheels guys and how nuts they are. I said it was no problem (cause i don't have crap to do today, yet) and i was happy i was still buying them. Oh yeah!! cheers!
    "Woke up at 9.55am. Soon as I woke up, I looked at Suzanne and she looked at me. I said, 'Did I tell you about the immune system?' Suzanne starting laughing, I said, 'it's amazing.' She said, 'Not now.'"

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    Yo Brainiak, don't give up hope man! Reports have been coming in that the TWF has been showing up 1 per case now (along w/4 Smeagols). Of course, scalpers are still going to gobble them up (since it's already been labeled a "valuable" figure..). But if this is true, it does improve your chances at least a little bit.

    Nice score JMG! I like the new packaging picture on the ROTK Gollum figure. Much better than the TTT version IMO.

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    i hope so jpak!! but i doubt it..ive been looking for forever!!

    PLEASE PLEASE ANYONE HERE..IF YOU CAN FIND ONE OF THESE (twilight frodo) IN A DECENT PACKAGE (MINT) IF POSSIBLE CAN PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR ONE OF THESE FOR ME AND PICK IT UP FOR ME!! Id be greatly in debt w/ you!! Plus i have lots to trade , some exc..etc etc!

    neways great finds!! i saw some ROTK stuff also..still looking for sharku!!



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