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    I am anxious to find out what the next Sideshow 12" figure is for this line. I can't even decide who I want most of all because there are so many incredible characters. Gandalf, any Uruk-Hai warrior, Saruman, Elven warriors. I think I have to go with something like a prologue Elven Warrior, Great cosutms and accessories. But it sounds like the armor will limit the possability of that.
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    I'd be surprised if Gandalf isn't next. I'm just wondering if they're going to be releasing them at the same rate as the new SW 12" line? If so this could get expensive quick.
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    You said it HB. There is so much great stuff coming out this year with the Star Wars 12" line, and with the HAsbro 3 3/4" Star Wars stiuff that I may need a second job.

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    Hi everyone, I had been looking around for a list of ToyBiz Lord Of The Rings action figures that are avalaible. I have called ToyBiz a few times a year to ask for one and they said it was too much work, they were not making one. The most comprehensive list I have found so far is on But, that is missing a lot of figures. Do any of you have suggestions for sites to look at for a checklist of figures or do you have any lists you would be willing to share so we can all compare and see if we are missing any figures? I appreciate any input or suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to SSG Eowyn1072!

    You could try this website: The Green Dragon Click on "The Archives" tab at the top. These guys have the most comprehensive list I've seen.

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    Sorry I was gone for the week. Thank you so much for the fast reply and the link to the best list I have ever seen. It is very, very impressive. Thanks!

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    Well, I guess epic series 2 isn't going to ship to the United States.
    Thanks a lot Toy Biz.

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    Legolas is the next 12: from Sideshow! This is good!

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    I told myself I wasn't going to get into this SSC 12" line, what with already killing my wallet on the SW line, but for some reason, seeing that Legolas 12" made me go preorder Aragorn. I figure I'll get Gandalf and Gimli too, but that's IT (same with my Toy Biz figs).
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    The bow in the pic is not the one Galadriel Gave him. My guess is Galadriel's bow will be the exclusive accessory. And that would be a good choice. I wonder if he will have his Rohan armor. It doesn't look like it from the pic.


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