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    Promotion On the Silver R2

    I don't know how it is at anybody elses TRU, but the one I went to, the promotion for the Silver R2D2 was less than spectacular. Except for like 2 little signs that were on the DVD display that said "Free Silver R2D2 When you purchase $19.99 or more of Star Wars Products!" there was nothing else to indicate that they had any. When I was at the display of figures, I asked a associate if they had any left, and she looked at me like I was speaking in Huttese. She said to me something like "What's a Silver R2D2?", so I had to explain it to her, and she called another associate who again didn't know anything, and then a dorky looking kid who also works there came over and declared they had plenty left. So I picked up the Ask Yoda for $20 and went to the booth. At the booth I expected a sign or something stating that this is where you redeem you reciept for your free R2, but there was nothing. Luckily the lady behind the counter knew what I was talking about and she grabbed one out of this bucket they had laying on the floor.

    Needless to say I am not to happy about they way that TRU is handleing this promotion.
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    There was something in that week's sales ad. However, it was stuck in the middle of the page (along the fold) and was small. I took a copy of the ad with me just in case.

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    One TRU I went to had them all in a big basket in front of the other figures (poor cards) and another had them behind the customer service desk. The think I hated was that the selection at both of them was horrible....there was nothing I wanted to buy for $19.99. I ended up just getting some figures for my kid to play with......still, I wasn't impressed.

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    I agree. It has been a terrible "promotion."

    On the "plus" side, they'll end up on the pegs for a buck or two in two months because they didn't do a good enough job of letting people know they exist. (Well, people other than the nerds and geeks who populate this site. Present company INcluded )


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    I agree, their advertising of the promotion is very poor.....the TRU where I got mine didnt have a single ad, nothing about it. Had the ask, and just like you, they were completely dumbfounded and didnt know what a silver R2 was....somebody else had to help me.
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    I agree too. My TRU didnt have anything indicating there even was a R2 promo figure. We bought 4 figures went up to the counter and the girl didnt know what we were talking about at all. I tryed to tell her and she said oh that big R2 isnt free its 100 or 200 dollars.I said thats not it and described it. Then she left the register and came back and said its 100. I'm glad my husband was with me because I was getting ticked off and started to tell the girl how stupid she was. (I had worked 2 back to back 12 hour shifts got in the door and went to TRU so I was in a crappy mood anyway). Then finally I got the attention of another lady who finally brought me an r2 that looked like crap..the card was bend in half like someone folded it. I said what the hell is this??? I want one that doesnt look like it went through a tornado. I went through the box they had and they all were awful. They said we dont have anymore. I said all you got was one box?? I'm sure they didnt just get one box with 12-20 figs in it. They said I picked the best one..told them they were &%$#ing idiots ...and left. I have a wicked little mouth when I'm disrespected by idiots. My TRU people hate me since my friend who was manager left the company.....I dont go there normally...I drive to the one further away but I was tired as heck.
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    I hate TRU. The same thing happened here in CA. I did get 5 total. They never scanned R2????
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    Yeah, they never scanned the R2 they gave me. They just handed me one and wrote "Got Free R2" on my receipt. I was surprised they did that much.
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    Sorry guys, I stopped by my TRU by chance on tuesday. Not only did they have a whole new wave of figs I hadn't seen (everyone as pilot, plus Maul and Attack annie), but then a cute (rare but true) TRU employee saw me and offered up info about the R2 promo (I had no idea)! Sure beats bringing the flyer.

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    They sure didn't promote it very much.......but I think that works to our advantage.
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