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    Principle Ed Rooney Arrested

    Jefferey Jones, noted hollywood character actor arrested on rather serious charges:

    Funny thing is, this very serious arrest will not get nearly the level of attention the Winona Ryder shoplifting fiasco did.

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    Well duh! Winona has ladybumps and goes shopping, what did this guy do apart from **** off a kid? BOOOOOOORING! let's watch Winona on tape again, she wears see through!!!!

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    That's sick. He really and truly is the Evil Overlord of the Universe (or whatever it's called). Howard, you wanna take this guy out of commission?
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    I almost ran over that guy many years ago when I lived up in Seattle. He walked right out in front of me with groceries in his arms, I slammed on my brakes and we both just kinda looked at each other dumbfounded. It was rather a weird moment as I thought, "Hey, that's the guy from Beetlejuice!"

    For some reason this story is reallly surprising to me!
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    Yeah, I think it's because he's a quasi-famous guy that was in more quiet roles. Truly odd...
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    You make me get out of have me make a phony phone call to Edward Rooney? the man could squash my **** into oblivioin and then, you deliberately hurt my feelings.
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    You know.......for some reason it doesn't seem that odd to me. I actually heard it briefly on the news this morning getting ready for the ole daily grind, and I have to say, surprise wasn't my initial reaction.

    Perhaps it was his tendencyu to play rather creepy types.........

    Still, I really enjoyed his performances....too bad he turned out to be of the scum of the earth.

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    Sexual abuse a child..have kiddy porn in your home and folks dont take notice....steal a bow and some clothing and boy ol' boy you get nailed to the wall by the public and the media! Go figure...whats the world coming to???

    I have my own opinion about sexual abusers and /or child abusers....I cant post it in here!
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    OK..this is W E I R D !

    I just heard on the 5oclock news here in LA on Channel 7 that Paul Reubens AKA Pee Wee Herman, is being investigated for the exact same things as "The Principal" hmmmmm?

    He went into the police station today for questioning. I wonder if someone messed up the news or if this s**t is just rampant????
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    Their cases are related. They both had allegations brought against them by the same person, except Reubens has yet to have charges brought against him unlike Jones.
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