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    Sandtrooper Troop Builder Set.

    Haven't seen anyone mention this before.

    Now if they'd only make a Battle Droid Builder Set. With Pilot, Security, Commander, and Infantry Droid. (all using the POTJ Security BD mold) Though I'd still like a carded Pilot Droid also, and a AOTC Commander Droid.
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    SWEET! All four colors! Shwing!
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    Cool, and they are cheaper than the Stormtrooper Troop Builder Set.
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    Very sweet! Seems like we'll be stocked with an abundance of sand troopers.
    Is this going to be sold at the Fan club like the Stromtrooper set?

    Related to these, I still haven't picked up the Endor Troop builder set. What's the story on this, is it an official item? WIll it be available through the fan club. It seems now that it's available at etailers and ebay, but I'd rather buy it from an actual source.
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    I think the Endor set was official - I picked one up through a local specialist vendor about 6 weeks ago.
    Spent about 40 mins customizing each of the 4 figures to give it an individual look, removing different patches of the dark green paint from each of them - all done while watching a documentary about the English Civil War of the 17th Century. Seemed apt somehow...

    They ARE a bit over-rated if you ask me, though - 4 identical figures in camouflage gear, and all with the same face.....
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    I got these too. They just fill up the background so it doesn't really matter if they all look similar. I did a similar thing with a couple of the original carded endor rebels, way back. And I'll be doing the same to my four pack and three of the saga endor rebels I got hold of. I'm leaving one of each as is though.

    But this four pack is legitimate all right, it's just that some folk got it before others.

    This sandtrooper set looks pretty spiffy. I bought six of the POTJ one and they all have that bloody awful brown kaka paint job. I hope this four pack comes without all that messiness. The red and white ones look pretty cool. Pity they all have the same arms though.

    There's also the rumours of the clonetrooper 4-pack(red,green,blue,yellow), the scout trooper 4-pack and rebel alliance 4-pack (Hoth).

    I'd like to see a Naboo royal guard 4-pack or a Naboo royal security 4-pack. Those were hard to get hold of. maybe they could redo the royal security in a set of two yellow uniform and two blue uniform, two from each movie they were in. The royal guards don't appear to change so just shove them out as is.

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    I love 4-packs of any army builder. It just makes me drool and I can't wait to see a 4-pack of biker scouts. Those are my absolute favorite next to the orginal stormtroopers!

    4-packs 4-packs 4-packs
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    WOW, these are 2 sweet. I plan on buying 5-6 sets plus 3-4 Stormtroopers sets.

    I really thinks Hasbro is on to something with these sets. Now if we could get a few different ones:

    Battle Droids (as listed above)
    Gungans (with new weapons/ that cool drum)
    Naboo Royal Guards (I also like EJ's 2-Yellow 2-Blue idea)
    Imperial Officers (2-POTJ Black and 2-POTF2 Piett like re-makes or something along that line...I'm not too picky)
    Snowtroopers (I still can't wait to see shots of the new Snowtrooper!!! But they should do 4-packs of these as well.)

    I would like to take a moment to thank Hasbro for cranking out the 4-packs, so here goes:

    Thank you for the Stormtrooper set

    Thank you for the Endor Rebel set

    Thank you for the Sandtrooper set

    Thank you for the Scout Trooper set.

    And while I'm at it, thanks for the Target Accessory sets!!! They are they best "Deluxe" figures you have cranked out. Please, keep 'em coming.

    PS, I know that they plan on making a Gungan Accessory set. I still want a 4-pack.
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    Once again, Hasbro exceeds my expectations. This is a cool set, and I hope they continue to do things like this. Nice that they did both the black pad and the grey pad. Since there is a bit of confusion whether both those colors exist or not. Gonna throw the picture up here from EE.

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    Lovely, isn't it!?
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