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    Who Would Buy This?

    Who would like to see a figure of Jango Fett in his usual clothes (blue overalls), from the appartment scene?

    It's really the only Jango that still needs to be made, but knowing Hasbro we're bound to get a couple of Pilot resculpts before that!
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    Anything but another Jango.... Well at least until they make a few more unreleased characters.

    Although along the Jano lines, they could make a 'Jango-like" clone in red-uniform eating, also from the Kamino scene.
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    I would buy a figure of Casual Jango if it was done well. No hokey gimmicks or exagerated action pose.

    This definately sounds more like a figure for the collectors rather than the kids, so I can't imagine Hasbro approaching it until probably about 2004.

    It would be cool if they could make the figure with full detachable armor that actually looks good when put on the figure. I realize that's a tall order, though.

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    We've got enough versions of Jango. Hasbro should hold off for a while on that until the supply dwindles. Knowing how so many Jangos are becoming pegwarmers... I actually think they should wait a couple years before they issue another version of his character.

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    So none of you guys have seen the Deluxe Jango Fett then, right?

    ie: Removable armor and jet pack
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    But not helmet, they want one chilling in his apartment. Temura Morrisons head and his blu jump-suit.
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    Wait wait, are you implying that he wouldn't have worn that Helmet around the apartment just for kicks, Jobi?!?!??! As cold and crappy as Kamino is, i'm sure that helmet provided much insulation for him and whatnot. They need to make a blue jump suited jango with the an irremoveable helmet on him, just for kicks.
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    Hell yeah I'd buy it! I would actually buy any Jango (3 3/4"/scale) figure that they make. Jango is probably my favorite character in the prequels, maybe in all the movies, and I collect them. Well, the figures anyway. I just got the Deluxe and Pilot today, completing my collection for now. I hope they make more Jangos, but not at the expense of unmade figures.
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    Also I'd love to see a young clone with helmet and computer, to go along with Banthaholic's red training clone, they'd be cool, but I doubt we'd ever see them!
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    There would be no way that I would be a Jango in his Pajamas. What a boring toy that would be.
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