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    Has Lucas left too little time to tie up the loose ends/inconsistencies in Ep. III?

    I feel like there could be a whole movie on just tying up the loose ends and various inconsistencies he has created. This MAY contain "spoilers", but I fail to see how there can be a spoiler for Ep. III if you've seen TPM and AOTC and the OT. Still....if you're the slightest bit timid, don't read the following..........

    1. R2 and 3P0 have to somehow: stop serving Anakin and Padme, become the property of Captain Antilles, and (although I HATE this explanation as being way too simplistic and just an easy error-fixer) have their memories wiped. I almost wish that 3PO hadn't been made by Anakin -- that way he at least wouldn't have to have his "memory wiped", but how else do you explain him not remembering Tatooine and Owen, for starters?

    2. Obi-Wan: has to somehow serve Bail Organa in the Clone War. He has to talk with Owen at some point and say "hey, give this lightsabre to little Luke when he's old enough" and be denied.

    3. Uncle Owen: according to Obi Wan in ANH, Owen didn't agree with Anakin leaving to fight the wars. OK, well, so far that's a lie because Anakin took off from Tatooine the last time we saw Owen, so unless he goes back and they get in some type of argument, there's another inconsistency.

    4. Darth Sidious: this guy has to reveal himself. If GL has pulled a fast one and he's NOT Palpatine (which would be stupid), then we have to find out who he is, and how he becomes unimportant by ANH.

    5. Palpatine: we have to see how he goes from Chancellor to Emperor. He is obviously the EMPEROR in the OT, according to Lucas and the AOTC DVD, common sense, etc. But, if he is Sidious as well, then it's even more unnecessarily complicated. Further, since the Emperor in the OT obviously has Jedi powers, albeit dark jedi powers, wouldn't the existing Jedi be like "hey, Palpy, you used to be a sweet jedi like us!" Seems kinda the heck will Lucas tie this one up?

    6. Padme: OK, she has a lot to go through. She has to have kids, have them separated, split to some other planet possibly with Leia, but then Leia has to be adopted by Bail Organa.....hmm....okay, once again, is this unncessarily complicated?

    I'm sure there's more, but these are the things on my mind right now. I know we're supposed to have fun with all this stuff -- and I DO -- I just don't want to have none of this explained, or else when we watch ANH, we'd be like.......WAIT A DARN MINUTE, GEORGY!!"

    I know lots of you guys think that Gui Gon or Mace will turn out to be bad, or that Dooku will turn out to be Anakin's papa, yada yada yada ..... but that all makes everything even more unnecessarily complicated! There's already too much going on (although, Lucas could theoretically tie up all those "loose ends" that I mentioned in the last 5 minutes, I guess....)

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    You do realise that there is 3 years between the end of E2 and the start of E3. There is plenty of time to wrap up everything in E3, especially since most of the stuff doesn't even need to occur on screen. I won't go into how they can wrap everything up in E3, because this is the No Spoilers forum.

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    I am sure there will be many books to read on the subject that you can all check out later.
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    The Clone Wars Animated Series may help to tie up some of the lose ends. I wouldn't wory that much about it, I have my faith in George, all answers will be revealed...

    ...I hope !

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    Why is this in the No Spoilers section?

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    Did you read my post?

    I don't think this is "spoiler" stuff --- (a) it's common sense stuff, and (b) there can't be spoilers for a movie which isn't even out yet.

    If you want to move it mods, please do.

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    Yes, there can be spoilers for a movie that isn't out yet. Lucas has made some comments already about the C-3PO/R2-D2 thing. As well as commenting about a few other things. Plus they started a bit of filming for E3 as well, already. And then there is the comments that Lucas and others make in the E2 Audio Commentary.

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    I'll give you that, but my question is no more of a "spoiler" than the majority of other threads rolling around in this particular forum. For that which hasn't been confirmed, I'd love some opinions. (I'm tired of the "opinions" in the SPOILERS forum being construed as "spoilers")
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    Don't worry, I don't think it's a spoiler, just speculation!

    Here's what I think:

    Padme is already pregnant and has the kids half way through the film. Also remember that Liea was very young when Padme died, so we won't see her die. At the end she goes to live with Bail on Alderaan for safety with 3PO and R2, who serve for the Antilles family.

    Something will happen toward the beggining of the film to make Anakin consider his destiny and all the way through he will be thinking of that and it will bubble up untill the end where he will snap and turn on Obi-Wan and Mace Windu, killing Mace, Obi-Wan injures Anakin thinking he's dead.

    Either between II and III, the Republic has become the Empire, or the notion will be passed at the beggining.

    At the very end we see Darth Vader standing along side Palpatine just for a few short moments, and Obi-Wan delivers Luke to Owen who reuses to take Ani's lightsaber.

    That's not everything but it's just a few thoughts!
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