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    Arrow Which ones haven't you seen?

    i have most of all basic figures for now saga; except for ephant mon and the new clone trooper. is it that i am in a bad area that isn't supplying it or am i just not fast enough to get to the store?

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    I have yet to see Ephant Mon....

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    Well, since Ephant Mon and CloneTrooper pilot were just recently released, you seem to be in a normal area. Especially if you have all the other figures that have been released so far. Some people don't even have past the early #40's, in some areas. Just give it some time, they are coming.

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    yeah well i have a helpful person who i talk to a swap meet next to my house. is it just me or does it seem that they are just making some figures Just to make figures

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    Ki Adi and Teemto
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    oh by my house i see them constantly, i see them at toy's r us

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    I have yet to see Ephant Mon, the new Droideka, the new Yoda (with council chair), or the Deluxe Clone Trooper in stores...

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    I have yet to see Ephant Mon and the Clone Pilot. I have seen and bought everything else.
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    Never in stores:
    *Yoda (Jedi Master) (but I have him)
    *Ephant Mon
    *Destroyer Droid
    *Clone Trooper (Republic Gunship Pilot)
    *Tusken Raider with Massiff
    *Yoda (Jedi Council)
    But other than that, I've seen 'em all.
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    The only ones I haven't seen are the deluxe Clonetrooper and Epant Mon. Everything else (w/ the exception of the Destroyer Droid and new Yoda, which by the way, are the out yet?) I have seen at least once.
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