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    why is sabe playing the decoy on the royal starship....

    after r2 has saved the day, and the "queen" (sabe) instructs padme to clean up the droid?

    just who are they decoying the queen from? the jedi? jar jar? other than those 3, everyone else on board is pretty much in the inner circle of the naboo royality. is there more to this than meets the eye? what's the signifigance of the decoy instructing the real queen to clean up r2? who are they hiding her from on the ship?

    just something my son and i were discussing the other day, and the more i think about it, the more...................well the more i think about it!

    any thoughts?
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    They were hiding her from the trade federation. They used the decoy on the starship 'cause, I think, there could be a guard traitor or something on the ship with them.

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    Maybe Padme wanted to get a good look at the strangers incognito. She probably likes to meet new people without all the pomp and circumstance of being queen.

    She's also probably a little suspicious of the Jedi who seem to appear out of nowhere and are a little too adamant about her leaving the planet. How does she know this wasn't planned all along and the Jedi aren't in on it? Just because they are Jedi doesn't mean they should automatically be trusted.
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    I like how 'the Queen" ordered Padme to clean the droid. What a **** job that would be. Sabe gettin Padme back for something? Whoo-boy, when they switch back SOMEBODY is scrubbin' the linoleum in the royal kitchen...

    that's all I'm saying...

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    That, and I don't think Amidala fully trusts the Jedi yet... otherwise there's absolutely no reason to keep her identity secret from them.
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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    I like how 'the Queen" ordered Padme to clean the droid. What a **** job that would be. Sabe gettin Padme back for something? Whoo-boy, when they switch back SOMEBODY is scrubbin' the linoleum in the royal kitchen...

    that's all I'm saying...
    Sabe has the power,so she made the queen,who just sits on her fat *** all day on that thrown do some work for once
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    Hideing and not trusting those on the ship is the only way I can figure it. Ordering Padame to clean the droid up seemed a little too heavy for me.I know she was acting as the Queen but Hey!I bet Padame was thing of a few things for her to do like, the bathrooms on the ship after Jar Jar has been in there for starter.Or like washing the ship and giving it a good waxing before they landed.
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    Another reason...

    I also believe that Sabé was posing as the Queen in the event their ship came under attack while in transit. If they were boarded and she was captured, they wouldn't have the REAL Queen.

    I think any of these ideas is plausible.

    I agree with Obi-Don regarding Sabé's request for Padmé to clean up Artoo. I laugh everytime I watch the film thinking Padmé is muffling under her breath, "Gratitude? I'll show YOU gratitude! Wait 'til we get to Coruscant and I ask you to assist Orn Free Taa when he needs to take a potty break!"
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    Oh lord. That is an unpleasent thought. Uhhggg....

    Anyway, I think it goes back to when the Jedi first rescue Padme/Sabe on the streets of Naboo. Its the decoy in that scene for obvious reasons, then they go straight to the ship, with no time to change. Then they're on the ship while its being attacked and have the possibility of being captured. With all that going on there isn't much reason to switch to the real queen.

    Plus too, the whole not trusting the Jedi thing.
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    I agree with all of you. But especially the idea, that Sabe gave Padme a **** job just to be spiteful. The only thing I didnt like about that was there seemed to be some kind of important stuff going on after the R2 introduction, youd think that Padme should be hanging around for. Seems like there was anothe scene like that too.


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